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@TheKnightOfIsla No-one has to prove anything with duels. I believe Zeus said he was quitting the competitive seen quite a while ago which is why I never included him. As for angel, he is a sub and will get playtime. Homura and Error are known for their skill so it would have been foolish to question their skill.

@KNIGHT-0f-NIGHT I’ll bring it up with the committee about who should sub instead of SCHIZ ODIN.

How comes Error came to mind though, he hasn’t said he’s coming back to the competitive scene so why is he automatically considered? Either you consider all retired players or none at all

I thought Error retired as well. Until I saw him fight in the Sandwich vs SDS war for Sandwich, therefore he isn’t retired. If you would like me to consider retired players then do say so. The committee is working on a plan to resolve any differences for the starting lineup’s and subs.

Also, Isla. Please stop debating with Homura, it’s not going to do any good. No player was chosen just because they’re popular. But that roster probably won’t be there if the plan we’re working on gets the full committee’s approval.

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