@FasteddieMc about this product. it feels like Tornbanner Studios have put all there eggs in one basket in the search for profit instead of fixing the original problems of CMW and then moving on. Magic combat is everywhere and there is nothing spectacular about it anymore. This isn’t the late 90’s, magic is in many prodcuts now. Chivalry is a decent game but still needs lots of work…(ROH and other animation breaking moves along with obvious hit/collision model problems being A # 1 on the list)
On a more personal note i always felt that TBS (tornbanner studios) had the potential to be the next CS (Counter-Strike not CS:GO the crap version of CS) of its time and type but have so far squandered the opportunity. which is very sad considering this game was great shortly after release even with the bad interface and instability problems.

Fun fact about Mirrage i learned and i have pending questions toward the TB spokes person.
ROH(revers over head) will still be possible but will do no damage in Mirrage…
waiting on response about specifics and then i will have more questions based on said response.

TBS had a great opportunity with this product but from the outside looking in it appears that there pursuit of coin has so far out led the pursuit of a rock solid, decently made product in regards to CMW and possibly Mirrage as well.