well that’s cool anyways. much rejoicing to hear that one for mirrage +1 for you guys and sorry about being snarky. I figured it would get a fast if not a somewhat angered response :P
I do hope someday after Mirrage is out and if it goes better than chivalry you could all at least take some time to tweak chivalry and take what you just described from Mirrage and apply it, but i understand that getting the new product out there is #1 Priority.
I am just a bit curious on what the staff there at Tornbanner Studios thought when they first saw the ROH though. Were they kind of like “oh crap wth is that!!!” or was it more subdued and i am also curios what the staff at tornbanner thinks of the busted maneuver. I know the standard answer is “its part of the game” but are there some in the ranks who at least think its…we’ll say not good anyways.
Thanks for the response and again sorry for the attitude earlier

Just a quick edit: so you said the actions will be possible but do no damage so does that mean the movement schemes and such will be like in chivalry? Character models can still do a 360 overhead and do crazy spinning and jerking? Please say it ain’t so because if it is then I would say go back to the drawing board on that one. Chivalry is in its death throws now from these problems and exploits and to make another game with all the same potential for exploit doesn’t make much sense, from a business or gaming aspect. I mean Tornbanner is no spring chicken now and people will be more hesitant to purchase any other product made by this company. If they all see that its the same headaches and problems then the probability of them purchasing it will drop radically.

Yeah i’l admit that one was over the top but hey sometimes you got to be a pain in the butt to get someones attention and what better way to do that than a swift boot to the backside. Metaphorically speaking :P


@TGL-Error said in Questions and Awnsers to me leaving Chivalry:

@AST-I-Hitokiri OMG u patheic scurb ur AST clan were bullying kicking ppl our of pubilc servers nub u aswell talking shit about me that u beat me in a duel we dueld get 10-0 #NubGethefckoff btw i think ur bye no one knows u ;) sad fck

Classic Error, Love you too ‹3

Also actually like i said before Coolcame was lying, i kicked Coolcame from AST for being racist towards my French Members, he then went and told you a bunch of lies… He was in a party with me when i said we had some good duels and i got 17-4 in a public LTS against TGL, Why would i randomly become Enimes with you? but im glad you’ve just shown everyone your True Colours.

I also then found out that he was in TGL under the name of TGL Headless atleast thats what people told me, so yeah.

Error me and you was friends before Coolcame made this stuff up, if i wanted to mock you i would of done it to your face.

I also had suspicions when everyone in TGL added a member which was smerf who joined my clan, i asked you to find out for me nicely and you insulted me?

Also i find it funny how Harold joined your Clan yet on S7artans live stream you said you beat him and stuff, is that how you treat your members, im glad CrazyGhost is leader.

But yeah have fun being the Salt King!!



@Wilt said in The Best Chivalry Veterans are Console or PC ?:

I do recall doing a few demo’s of Chivalry at low capped by ini file . ie at 24 to 33 on low settings
The first was the gt730 then it actually worked with onboard video of a motherboard. Can’t you turn
down the settings in Chivalry on console, does it have such a menu? I would have thought on low
settings it would be quite ok on the console imo

No, there’s no way to turn down the settings. Which really sucks.

We aren’t allowed to sacrifice video quality for smooth gameplay