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I’m sorry, but magic? That is so weak-seriously. Magic combat is everywhere and is massively immersion breaking because its stupid. I just wanted to give my two cents. How can you guys not see that Chivs popularity is largely due to its tone? Perhaps you guys are making a chiv sequel and keeping it under wraps, but if not and your putting all your future eggs in this basket…idk. Chiv is a game i have way more hours in than I should…it saddens me to see the spiritual follow-up will be infantile-well more infantile than Chiv already is anyway. So…Chiv–FANTASTIC action game. But magic-there is NO WAY you can make it good.

A game developing company doesn’t have to be a one trick pony…

They are trying to go out of their comfort zone by making Mirage. There was actually an article about why TB wasn’t making Chivalry 2—yet. I’ll post a link to the topic once I find it. But basically they wanted to expand their horizons before going back to the CMW franchise.

I wouldn’t say you can’t make a magic game good without actually playing it first lol.

Could they have improved on CMW before making Mirage? They could, and they should. But I think we should see how the new game goes before hating on it.


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@Akemi-Homura define near future?

Any dates decided? I still don’t even have a working controller XD

LOL I’ve lost 3 wired controllers due to the LT being fucked from so much use XD

The only controllers I have are the default for the one and my really old 360 controller that I use for pc, it’s survived soo much abuse.

With this new job I got, I’m investing in a scuf controller. No BS, I need top quality for chivalry.

Ya I’m getting an elite controller soon.

My controller simply won’t connect and the one I’ve been using for PC has a broken LT and the LB button is stuck down from dropping the controller by accident.

Now all my swings are alternates usually. Or LB just doesn’t work at all. Of course Xbox doesn’t have KBM support… fml