Age: 18
Region: EU
Reason for applying:
DW is a dying game, however the community that remains is still enjoyable. The public servers are often hampered by spammers, trolls and glitchers (One shot glitch, infinite molotovs, ninja roll glitch).

There are no remaining moderators on EU official and I imagine the same stands for US (with the exception of IrishCanadian). I have a genuine desire for people to enjoy the game and to help out where I can. Seeing more and more people leave the game due to the above is becoming really disheartening, I hope that by providing moderation people will enjoy DW the way I do.

I'm fairly well known within the community, I know the old players well and welcome new one's. I hope to be able to provide moderation, with a friendly touch.

Relevant experience:
I've ran my own Chivalry duel server for the past 4 months and deal with rule breaking in all it's forms daily. I also manage the growing playerbase with the help of my admins (I believe currently it's the #1 server for EU).
I ran, managed and moderated over 8 servers/communities over the past 3 years . I know how to handle things objectively, calmly and I lead by example! Having this experience, I know my limits - I don't get angry or upset when confronted and can take a step back from a situation when I need to clear my head.

I work 9-5 during the week, but evenings and weekends I'm on Chiv, either on my server or on an official server. I tend to spend an even amount of time between the two, but I am happy to go where I'm needed.

Pointless gibberish(?)
I hope that this doesn't get disregarded due to it being DW. I and many others still find much enjoyment out the game. If I'm not considered then I ask that you actively encourage more DW players to come forward and apply. Please don't give up on us completely, we haven't given up on you <3

Thanks for your time