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I consider it disrespectful if done by a random but if it is somebody that i know that does it for shits and giggles then its fine.

Exactly what viz said if some one I’m cool iwith and I play with often t bag me I know there fucking around and joking but for instants like when we were having that scrim @LordRoffleSalad and in he kendo when I killed you over and over again then u got me when I was one hit already then t bagged me, that was you being disrespetful and you mennt to t bag as a sign of disrespect. At the end of the day though diddnt really matter though cause you still got rekt and that made me happy. :)

Lol but seriously

I know you guys got beef but you beat him, thats the only thing you needed to do. Theres no need to continue arguing on ze forums. Let your enemy stew in his own defeat.



Washington DC
very good imo esp as it’s on https://twitter.com/footwerkband incase some of you like to peruse