@figo yes, people can continue to sign up for the alpha; we’ll be doing many rounds of testing and this is just the beginning.


@C4KE-from-SP4C3 Thanks for the meme, me and my maul feel complete now. You quickly get a ps4 then so we can bitch it out



Age: 28

Region: EU/FR

Reason for Applying: First off, current admins are quick and efficient from what I’ve seen yet there seems to not be enough online especially in the morning hours in Western Europe / afternoon Russia. I believe there are many people out there that use this game as an outlet to relief anger or stress by either trolling or griefing others. This issue has been a constant on this game but I feel there might be a way to dialogue with certain people of this group and maybe convince them that their ways are detrimental not only to the community but to themselves as well. I think I can help with addressing to people’s issues in game and on forums but also start dialogues with “rule offenders” to try and work something beneficial for all. In any case, I’m a casual player and friendly to new comers especially, the point of me applying for this is to try and keep chivalry’s community alive and healthy even after Mirage’s release.

Relevant Experience: I’ve been admin to some CS:S servers about 5-7 years ago (surf mod servers mostly) and have had much experience pertaining to cyber bullying and griefing from that front. I also tutor children in English Lit. and History which gives me an incredible amount of patience. It’s very difficult to annoy/anger me since I’ve always thought video games should be fun, entertaining and a chance to be part of a community (very much like any sports out there). I speak English/French/Italian/Spanish fluently, yet my writing in the 2 later ones needs a little improvement. I’ve recently completed my professional Diver Master license as well, which taught me a lot on how to communicate and respect any clientele depending on their background and mentality. I’ve been working with an International group of colleagues for the past 3 months and we’ve had to be responsible for people’s safety, comfort and fun.

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