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    Patch 22 Hotfix 2 - Servers only
    The second exectuables-only hotfix for this patch, this one is servers-only. Every server operator should update and get this (an email was sent to the mailing list). This fixes:
    • Sometimes servers get into a state where they block new connections
    • Sometimes servers get into a state where they refuse to update players' stats with Steam

    Patch 22 Hotfix - Minor executables-only hotfix
    The only server operators that need this update are those who are using Windows Server 2003 or XP and are having issues running the dedicated server; other server operators can safely ignore this. All clients will get it through Steam.
    • Fixed crash affecting Windows Server 2003 users and some Windows XP users
    • Fixed client crash on Argon's Wall and any SDK maps using Group Actors

    Patch 22 Notes

    *** DLC Knights will NOT yet be released with this Patch ***


    • New dynamic crosshair (Swing and combo indication)
      • Users can switch to the original style through the keybindings option
    • New Loading Screen
    • Bubble reduced by 60%
    • First-person camera alignment adjusted for more visual clarity during combat
    • More flail animation polish
    • Default FOV changed from 95 to 105
    • Added a new level 60 helmet
    • On death, print damage taken/dealt during life to console. This can be controlled (disabled, enabled, or made more verbose) through the options menu

    Animation Changes

    • All weapon animation have been updated
      • On all classes
    • Updated longsword and 1-handed animation based on feedback
    • slash02 attack for long sword, alt+slash for 1-handed
    • Fixed longsword tracer for DLC knights on both faction
      • 1handed stab 1st-person tracer
      • Fixed alt slash021 tracer not lined up for 2-handed longsword
      • Updated flail over head 1st-person tracer
    • First-person animation polish for pole-weapons, 2-handed swords, Heater Shield
    • Fixed quarterstaff overhead animation showing incorrectly as underhand in first person
    • Improved release to parry blend animation.
    • Updated double axe 1p and 3p animations
    • Updated 1p dagger daze
    • Flail 3rd-person combo animation updated
    • General animation polish across the board
    • All First-Person animations have been updated to fit the new camera position

    General Fixes

    • Knight DLC can be purchased for free in the BETA branch in preparation for live launch.
    • Knight DLC can now equip default and previously purchased knight helms
    • Fixed gore mesh for DLC Knights (untextured gore)
    • Default knights (Mason and Vanguard) can now properly wear DLC knight helmets
    • Fixed autobalance bugs.
      • Don't allow a player to switch teams when balanced.
      • Fixed bug where player shows up in the wrong scoreboard.
      • Don't show enemy markers of spectators.
      • Fixed LTS scoreboard showing the correct number of players alive.
      • Fixed a bug where you can't spawn if you were a spectator before a map change.
      • Fixed ranged crosshair being stuck red after death.
    • Fixed new knight first-person armour to match third-person
    • Fixed Agathian archers saying “I’m in your debt” in place of the you’re welcome command
    • Fixed floating sticky projectiles after head explosion.
    • Fixed team damage message.
    • Crosshairs appear white for allies and red for enemies
    • Updated first person longsword, two-handed axe, dagger, buckler animations to better fit the new camera position
    • Dark Forest: Ammo box cooldown time in LTS game mode changed from 5 to 20
    • Flail is no longer missing sound
    • Launcher: auto-close prompt dialogue when downloading done
    • Reduced maximum recovery time to 0.9
    • Take hit indicator points toward attacking player, rather than toward point of impact
    • Default server tick rate set to 60Hz
    • darkened armour and fixed upper arm guards
    • Chivalry splash screen has been updated with new logo and 'editor' text
    • Fixed ragdoll fire screaming getting stuck on death
    • Disabling barbs for the time being
    • Doubleaxe lod geometry hole fixed
    • Fixed dying sound mode getting stuck; removed unnecessary client/server communication for heartbeat and dying sound mode
    • Lighting on pawns in the customization screen tweaked
    • Emblem/trim "dark grey" made blacker
    • Added helms to default knights and made the mason helm fit better on the default mason knight
    • Fixed various map bugs from this thread:
    • Stair Collision Fix for Tavern
    • Localization change to put numbers in front of emblems for easier browsing
    • Workaround for material crash in legacy maps

    Beginner Mode Map Changes

    • Agatha
      • Expanded press E to use on the Ballista.
      • Added indication as to what to shoot. (Health Bar)
      • Fresnel shader on locks added
      • Sparks appear on every hit
      • 3 Clusters of peasants (all slaves must be set free)
      • Markers are removed once slaves are freed
      • Health bar appear for door
    • Mason
      • 3 clusters of slaves make for easier defence strategies
      • Progress bar for slaves
      • Health bar for door

    • Both Factions
      • Hud markers are located closer to burn targets

    Dark Forest
    • Agatha
      • Progress Bar and Destroy Marker for Doors
      • Switches to Kill Markers after doors have been destroyed
      • More Consistent Damage States

    • Agatha
      • Indication to burn buildings on torches (volumes)

    SDK Changes/Additions
    • Added Giant stomp crushing sound
    • Editor splash updated
    • Perfect enemy knowledge property + node for AI
    • Added missing sockets to gore mesh.
    • Added customization overriding into AISpawnNPC / AISpawnStandardBot
    • When transitioning to a custom map, server will check if map is out-of-date; if so, it updates it.
      • This is new functionality that may not be fool-proof yet
    • Going with that change, servers automatically transition when sitting on an SDK map with no players for several minutes to stop them from getting left on an out-of-date map
    • semi-fix the overrides in AISpawnNPC
    • Example maps for SDK people
      • ExampleMaps/HelmetScene.udk
      • ExampleMaps/WeaponScene.udk

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    Thanks!!! :D
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    Thank you, this will be interesting
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    Fix server browser
    lol we have this note since the launch of the game, this always make me smile :D

    Default server tick rate set to 60Hz
    64 should be more efficient, this has to be on power of 2 like for cs go for example i think.

    Anyway i try this later, dis gon b gud.
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    • Workaround for material crash in legacy maps
    Is this what I think it is DaGGyzo?
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    2H sword animations are still very rigid, I'm not a fan of them.
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    I still think it might be a bit to early, but we'll see!
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    Whoo. Been looking forward to this bubble reduction for a long time.
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    "Don't allow a player to switch teams when balanced."
    Ehhhhhhhhhhh :/ Autobalance is so buggered. This is gonna make a lot of people unhappy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyoson View Post
    "Don't allow a player to switch teams when balanced."
    Ehhhhhhhhhhh :/ Autobalance is so buggered. This is gonna make a lot of people unhappy.
    You bet.
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