@Vexarus we don’t currently have any servers in South Africa, but we do have servers in Western/Central Europe, Russia (and South America, but I don’t believe there’s a direct dataline between South America and Africa).

I have added you to our list to receive a key for next round, but it’s as you say; you’ll likely have high ping.


@Blazed said in NA vs EU - The All-Star Games:

@AST-I-Hitokiri You worked on RAF bases doing 14 hour shifts and still use “:3”

Did they sack you for that? I hope so

No, But they should have haha.

and You said Bases, But i only worked at 1 R.A.F Base doing 12 hours on site, that included Breaks so not 12 solid hours of work. but yeah 1 hour there, 1 hour back. :/

also worked at liverpool at a 3rd work site but cba to get into that.

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