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How does this even work? what about those pesky General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
rules. The reason the game was withdrawn in the first place.

As I understand it those regulations prevent the game from being sold as well as prevent TB from running official servers.

As per the original post announcing Mirages removal, community servers are still fine. So anyone who already purchased the game is still able to play it but new users are unlikely.


I’ll meet you on the battlefield …)


Name: QuinnTheSpin
Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/quinnthespin
Age: 20
Region: US Central
Reason for Applying (issues you see w/ the community, how you would like to address them, what you think you can do to help, etc): I’d like to apply for moderation as I love the Genre of games and want to keep the community clean and safe for all to play without having to worry about toxic individuals ruining the Game for new and old players trying to have fun. I think I can help because I have experience and that I am fair and give my best to try and help those who Ask for it.
Relevant Experience: (if any – moderation/community management on other games/websites or technical experience, etc) I am currently a moderator for Mordhau, I have been a mod for about 9 months at this point.


@Pit-Stains To add to Yurik’s response, I don’t think the controller’s input keys have been finalised so a guide for controllers with actual keys listed would not be accurate if they are changed. There might also be alternative key options in the future (don’t forget it’s in alpha).

A guide which gives the name of the move plus the PC equivalent is a very useful start.