Some problem i want to ask.

2."If i open game first then my computer other sound will be close, and when i close game sound are back."

Probably, this is because you have a setting called “give application exclusive mode”. look under your sound settings. turn it off. Other reasons might be that unfocused apps are silenced until focused again. Turn that off if you can find it, it is on a per app basis I think. do you have sound in chivalry or no sound in chivalry? probably no sound. I think you have conflicting sound settings. go to: volume>sounds>playback>your speakers/headphone from the list>properties>advanced. then check c:/programfilesx86>steam>steamapps>common>chiv>chiv.exe>properties. Do standard computer maintenance. Run CCleaner and Reg Recylcer, and make sure you dont have any malware. Defrag your disks if they need it usually at about 0.45%. That’s me though. Anyway, once you’ve turned off that global setting, the first one listed, you should have sound in all applications. That Chiv and other apps have this setting is fine, but if the global setting is on, it conflicts.


@zemen Torn Banner cannot issue a refund unfortunately. I tried myself to refund the game and all of the DLC I have, however the only way to do this is to dispute the payment by contacting the bank you used to purchase the game initially. Hope this helps :D