Twitch.tv/Sheepdude). I believe I can uphold the responsibilities of being a chivalry admin, by administrating the rules fairly and without prejudice.

I am very passive and take matters into stride without much thought. I have worked as employee and as manager at several companies and I understand the disconnect.

When it comes to online gaming, I’m fairly laid-back and let people express their opinions. I’ve ran many counter-strike servers where administration is required. I understand the need for repressing cheating and trolls versus letting people express themselves.

I’m applying to this position because I play this game quite a lot (almost daily), and I feel like I can help out should issues need to be addressed (which are quite uncommon).

Thank you for you consideration,

Sheepdude (@Twitch.tv/Sheepdude)

Edit (Relevant information):

Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sheepdude86/home
Age: 31
Region: Chicago, IL, US
Relevant Experience: I’ve managed many companies and stores. For video games, see above.