@addyboo419 that may be, but the prizes listed above have been distributed already.


Age: 27
Region: US-East
Reason for Applying: The main issue I see these days is a lot of racist trolling/slurring, etc., as well as the occasional vote kick abuse and general toxic behavior, compounded by a lack of authority to deal with it. Certain players will join the server and immediately fill the chat up with racism or politics or what have you with the sole intention of riling up the server. Clear rule violations are committed yet there is no one around with the power to manage these breaches and maintain civility.
Relevant Experience: I play an hour or two of Chivalry almost every day and have over 1500 hours in the game. I have been a guild officer and forum moderator for two guilds (now defunct) in Guild Wars and World of Warcraft, and I most recently spent some time as an admin in a tribe on Ark: Survival Evolved, as well as the tribe discord channel.

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