Chiv 2 Discord.


Q: When does the NDA expire, on game release?

A: Hey there! The alpha NDA only lasts for the length of the closed alpha. Relatively soon we will get into the beta stage and we won’t be enforcing the NDA anymore but there will be at least one (possible two) rounds of closed alpha first.


Q: Who composed the music for Chivalry 2? The main menu theme and in-game music is pristine as always.

A: JD Spears! https://twitter.com/SpearsSounds


Q: Are there plans for additional maps after release?

A: Yes, we will keep updating the game with new content and that includes maps.


Q: Are there any plans for small team game modes such as 3v3 or 5v5

A: No concrete plans yet but that is something that we would like to explore.


Q: Are there plans for us to be able to pick up the other severed limbs of our enemies?

A: We don’t have any solid plans for this but it would be great to pick up arms and legs, I agree! When it comes to other pickups though we’ve done a lot of work to include a lot of fun assets for players to pick up. Some ones we’ve mentioned are the chicken for example, cooked chicken legs, bread, horns, beer steins, anything you can pick up we want people to be able to use them as weapon!


Q: Hello. Will Shields be nerfed to death just like in mordhau? Shield was wonderfully tactical to play. You had low range, low damage (except warhammer), low vision while blocking etc. But you where feint proof. I think it was a fair trade but mordhau devs listened to the noobs calling shield op.

A: There’s been a lot of discussion on shields recently internally as well as in alpha tests, from durability to damage with certain abilities. We want to find a spot that feels good for them and will continue to explore that.


Q: Will there be an incentive to parry instead of holding block?

A: Simply holding block will only take you so far and will wear you down quick. If you’re not careful your stamina will run out and you may even end up being disarmed. Timing a block with a counter attack will be an important part of your fighting experience to help you gain the upper hand.


Q: Is the combat in Chiv 2 similar to Chivalry (only improved upon)? I love the distinct, fluid, arcadey/fun combat feel that Chiv had - minus the ballerina stuff of course.

A: Our goal has been to take all of the best elements of the first game and make combat even better. That includes getting rid of those ballerina exploits for sure. This is something we have been actively iterating on during the closed alpha for example, it’s helps us a great deal to see what skilled players are capable of and what we need to tighten up to improve the combat. I wouldn’t say it’s a straight upgrade as Chiv 2 combat certainly has it’s own style.


Q: Will we be seeing any concept art in the near future? I’d love to see some behind the scenes work.

A: Great question! This is something we’d like to share in our blogs in the future, without spoiling things like customization too much.

[We still got some concept art though. Moonmoon posted this concept art of a fight between a Mason and Agatha knight. Aurel uploaded this old concept art of an Agatha footman.]


Q: Is AoC canon to Chivalry, or are they separate timelines?

A: Age of Chivalry and even Chivalry itself’s lore are much like an oral history. Passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation, and often embellished over a bit too much mead at the tavern table.


Q: How much research is being done to make animations semi realistic? I’d really recommend Skallagrim if you guys want some in depth explanations and demonstrations

A: Quite a lot! Some of the members of the dev team practice various types of fighting themselves, and before lockdown it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see people with foam swords acting out scenes for animations.


Q: Will there be a focus on on team work and coordination in matches or the collective technical skill of every player?
A: That depends on the objectives. In Team Objective maps certain objectives require multiple players to be accomplished in time. Other objectives require players to stand as a united front. Others [rely] on the ability of players to kill fast and well. In Team Deathmatch team playing is the best way to ensure victory. Lone wolves can have a huge impact on the final score, of course, but they can’t win the fight alone.


Q: Will chiv2 have desert-themed maps as well? You asked the community about a real-life location they want in-game and the majority seemed to have agreed on Jerusalem.

A: We won’t have a desert map for launch, but something like this is definitely not out of the equation for post launch. We do take the players suggestions for what they’d like to see into consideration. And we would love a desert map as well!


Q: There have been mention of classes, but models in trailers seem to feature a wild assortment of weapons, armors and even abilities. How rigid or fluid will the classes be separated from each other?

A: In our first trailer not all of the weapons for the classes were finalized. When it comes to armour we like to maintain a specific silhouette per each class, meaning: knights always have full plate armour, vanguard always have their lovely skirt, etc. This helps players easily determine the class at a distance. Weapons are less rigid. There are weapons bound to each class, but you can also pick up weapons off the battlefield if you can find it! Kill an archer and steal their bow if you want to, and end up as a full armoured crossbowman.


Q:Will fishing be added to Chivalry 2?

A: There isn’t fishing, but there is a fish carryable in game