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  • RE: Ban Appeals

    Hi @Hajvalssik ,

    You were banned because racism and bad behavior (inciting to kick players, toxicity, etc) in official servers. That behavior wasnt tolerated.

    It’s been a while from your ban so we will give you another chance and hope your behavior will be better now.

    Your ban will lift in a couple of days.

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  • RE: epic? no thanks!

    @ricsterd1 said in epic? no thanks!:

    @random428 so what you are saying is, TBS is basically their publisher thats limited to one platform.

    I’m not sure what you mean by that. It doesn’t sound like what I said. Chiv 2 is made by TBS and Tripwire is their publisher on PC and with Deep Silver being the publisher on consoles (as I understand it).

    The game is launching on two generations of Xbox, two generations of Playstation and on PC, all at the same time with crossplay. After 12 months it will then launch on Steam as well.

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  • RE: epic? no thanks!

    @ricsterd1 said in epic? no thanks!:

    It’s funny that this game started out on the source engine as a mod, then ended up being a epic exclusive.
    I prefer my money to go to a company that supports gaming, rather than taking the cut to buy off companies limiting our choices…

    Epic is paying money to TBS which allows them to fund 4 years of work to make Chiv 2, while Steam use their monopoly to force small dev teams to accept a terrible deal (30% of sales price even before tax is removed) with no support during development.

    If Steam want to support devs, they are the most profitable-per-employee company in the US so they can easily afford to do so.

    If gamers think Steam is nice, they are forgetting that games won’t be on the store if the devs who make them aren’t supported as well.

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  • RE: Will Chiv2 have same moderating/admin rules?

    @afazzarozi said in Will Chiv2 have same moderating/admin rules?:

    What about smurfs, since the game is a new one, but with same mecanics than the last one, how will you recognize smurfs?

    Cause then people can be good cause coming from chivalry 1, and yet not be smurfs of chivalry 2.

    What will be the logic against smurfs then?

    Smurfs were only a problem on Chivalry 1 if they kept playing on the low rank servers. We don’t even know if there will be low rank servers in Chivalry 2 at this point in time.

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  • RE: Torn Banner Chivalry 2 Discord Q&As

    Dec 17th, 2020

    Q: will jacksepticeye peasant be playable on release?

    A: Jacksepticeye is indeed in game, but you’ll have to seek out his peasant!


    Q: How many developers from the previous Chivalry are working currently on Chivalry 2?

    A: The team has grown quite a lot since the development of the original Chivalry! About one third of the Chivalry 2 team has been around since then.


    Q: Will spinning around while attacking be a viable option of offense like it is in Mount and Blade Warband?

    A: Chivalry 2 has a turn cap built it that restrictions the maximum arc you’re allowed to perform. Footwork is important in Chivalry 2 for dodging/navigating around your opponents, especially in 1VX scenarios


    Q: Is there a set amount of Alphas that will be released before releasing the Beta?

    A: We aim to accomplish different things with each alpha and we have a set amount in mind but it can be subject to change. Last technical alpha we held a one day test to verify a few fixes for example


    Q: Will there be more ways to fidget/flaunt physically similar to the flourish action?

    A: There are dedicated dances for each weapon set type as well. It’s an interesting idea! No further plans at the moment


    Q: Around which time period does the game take place?

    A: Chivalry 2 isn’t based around any kind historical realism as it is set in a fictional universe. Our goal is to try to capture the romance of the era as a whole, with some of our own added flair.


    Q: Is there some way of accessing the character customisation section? Because my character is different to the default because I changed him in the first alpha that happened and since then I’ve never been able to access character customisation.

    A: Not yet. It was disabled a few alphas ago but we’ll be bringing customization back in future tests. You are a beautiful unique butterfly.


    Q: What do kicks even do

    A: Kicking is intended as a block counter. Your opponent will take damage even if he blocks the strike and you will maintain a momentum advantage. The tradeoff is that a kick does not interrupt your opponent’s incoming attack so you still take damage.


    Q: any plans for some cinematics at the beginning and end of matches ?

    A: Map intros will have a bit of context for you and perhaps a cinematic moment for you to sink your teeth in to


    Q: Will there be UI around joining friends and seeing friends? Like a party system?

    A: Yes there will be. Our party system is functional but the overall UI is still receiving work to make it easy to use.


    Q: So in between alphas, what do you usually fix before the next Alpha comes? Damage numbers, hit boxes, and such?

    A: Speaking from a level design point of view: we tweak numbers like respawn time, interaction time, stage duration, scoring values… All in the name of balance.

    A: From a QA standpoint, it really depends on the timeline and what the plan is for next alpha! QA will grab issues and investigate bugs from the previous alpha for our database, but there also may be some high priority verifications that need to be done our side for our timeline. The severity of certain issues may not always be obvious if you don’t see a fix from one alpha to the next but there’s a reason for it.

    For example: Running special attack damage is low as a known bug and on the list but you may not see the fix from one alpha to the next because resources need to be applied to fixes like delayed tracers after combo attacks. These tracer issues are ranked higher because they may be affecting the experience more commonly and are detrimental to getting useful feedback about combat in general. Those kinds of issues require investigation whereas special attack hittin for 15 damage is a more simple tweak that can be done before launch


    Q: It’s probably been asked before, but what level of character customization will we see on release if any at all?

    A: We’ll be offering many options for you to customize so you can alter your character whoever you wish to portray in the world of Chivalry 2. You can see some of these options in our promotional screenshots, which so far have included different armour (suits and helmets), different weapon skins, hair, facial hair, and there is more to show in the future.


    Q: Will the game be pay to win?
    A: Nope! We do not believe in this. Any buyable item will be cosmetic only. Thus said, maybe we will allow you to pay to lose one day…


    Q: Are we able to mod like the weapons to look like light sabers or something like that

    A: The SDK is something we’re interested in offering, but we have no current timeline on that plan


    Q: will there be poop scattered on the battleground

    A: There is, make sure to grab some and throw it at your opponent’s face. Or your friend’s, I ain’t judging.


    Q: When faced with an opponent what are the tools to bait a parry? Is it just feints or is there something else?

    A: This is a long complicated answer, but baiting a parry isn’t the most important maneuver in order to dominate your opponent in Chivalry 2. We will have the opportunity to deep dive into this in the future on how the combat system is different from a timed parry system, but it opens up many combative and defensive options for you to choose from.


    Q: Will there be an alpha on PS4?

    A: We can’t speak to future alphas just yet, buuuuut we will be releasing on consoles (Xbox One, Xbox One Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5)! Watch this space!


    Q: What’s your favorite thing about chivalry (1 or 2, or both if you want) also whoever is reading this, have a good day

    A: I really enjoy seeing all of the different play styles that can evolve from a single game. Some people take Chivalry very seriously and competitively while some people like to goof around with roleplay. There really is a wide spectrum of what players can do and accomplish with the tools that we’ve give them.


    Q: How many directions of attack are there in basic attacks? I know there are side swipes and overheads. But are there also rising attacks too?

    A: You can alternate your swings right and left for the basic attacks. As for a list of all of the attacks themselves there’s a list over on our forums that may give you some more detail:

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  • RE: account lost

    @henrylucas Do you mean your Steam account or Forums account?

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