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    An appeal typically includes an apology and a promise not to do whatever the offence/s were again, that sort of thing. Please only submit an appeal if you can be honest about what you have done and are prepared to move on. Denied.

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  • RE: IP Ban for what reason?


    Please use this thread and write an honest appeal.


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  • RE: Ban Appeals


    ne pas comprendre une fois passe.
    Réitérer la même en couleur ne passe pas.
    encore une fois aujourd’hui tu recommences sur les low ranks. Nous ne sommes pas prêts à te donner une seconde chance sérieux …

    3 mois de bannissement au bas mot. Si tu recommences ce sera un game ban.


    PS : Nous ne sommes pas des lapins de 6 semaines

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  • RE: Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!


    • TO mode with more active teamplay. Teams who play better together should win the objective.
    • TO with side-objectives which should make winning easier, much like opening the second door of the cathedral.
    • Better balanced gamemodes
    • Slow movement deal less damage, fast movement drains more stamina.
    • As stamina drains, movement gets heavier gradually.
    • Not only punish bad behaving players but reward the good ones!

    Team Objective
    By far one of the best modes for the general audience is Team Objective, although I like LTS myself TO is fun for everyone. Clear goals, not too much waiting for respawns and everyone is able to contribute to victory no matter the rank. Different stages of the map call for different team based playstyles. I hope to see more active team based gameplay than just standing near objectives, I.E. hauling boulders for the catapult, trebuchet cranking the lever etc. This results in mini-objectives where you need to protect players during boulder hauling and where enemies can attacking the boulder haulers. Objectives where you can break through multiple parts of a wall for different strategic advantages.

    Balanced gamemodes
    Usually the winner is already decided before we start the map, either attacking or defending an objective is easier or the team with the highest ranked players win. This could be ‘solved’ in multiple ways, create maps which forces teams to work together to win. Balance teams based on playerskill by recording average k/d ratios of players (which is harder to do). Teams who play better together should win, not the egotistical team with the strong arrogant rank 59 throwing rocks around like it’s a stone skipping contest.

    Duel mode should be a competitive mode, others modes should be more casual (just my opinion).

    FFA is more of a mindless hack and slash mode where players can swing without thinking. TO and LTS should be quite the opposite of this and victory should be achieved by using your brains and working together. Teamdamage plays one of the most important roles in this aspect, you cannot mindlessly swing through your team to kill opponents as this would mean you would lose. Getting teamkilled however is less fun. Reflecting teamdamage on the player is also bad as the enemy expects you to teamkill when swinging your sword through a teammate and not kill yourself due to reflected teamdamage (this would make for some very odd gameplay). Therefor teamdamage done on purpose should be better punishable, won’t explain it on here but devs know (BadBoy formula). Basically means that you are ‘allowed’ to do a reasonable amount of teamdamage before being punished. Also, see reward system.

    More realistic movements and corresponding damage. You should be able to drag and spin to a certain extend but slowing your movement should also lower the damage you deal. It’s more difficult to move when crouching as you cannot use your bodies movement towards a faster swing, crouching should result in heavier movements. Standing up and jumping should drain stamina, it would also be funnier if it drains gradually and you notice your movements getting slower/weaker instead of just reaching a threshold, going stun and than be able to move fast again.

    More fun, its a game after all!
    Final stage at a TO map where instead of fighting a King with more HP you fight a mountain like figure who is not only bigger and stronger but can flick enemies around like they are bugs. Only team based combat should defeat him, his team can’t stand too close to him to protect him or they risk getting hit by him. Maybe add more means to kill him other than hand to hand combat, I.E. a ballista/catapult (it adds more side objectives than just “kill the king” as you would also need to secure the ballista or other certain strategic areas).

    Also being able to light up a catapult boulder, fling it across the map and let it roll through a crowd would be amazing.

    Instead of punishing bad behavior, why not encourage good behavior? Dealing very little teamdamage, being a loyal Chivalry player, not spamming chat or breaking any other rule should reward a player with extra cosmetics. Players can literally see you are a top tier nice guy just by looking at you. Maybe even other rewards that give no real advantage like headbutting a player instead of punching him, possibilities are endless. Being able to achieve the right to vote would be great, less likely to be abused. I believe rewarding players for good behavior would automatically improve the atmosphere ingame and will upgrade the gameplay experience a lot.

    I’m slightly biased when it comes to prioritizing these but if I had to choose:

    1. Rewards
    2. Physics/teamdamage
    3. Team Objective

    Also a honorary chicken helmet for Wilt.

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  • RE: Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

    I really hope you can focus weapon balance around team objective mode first and foremost. Also ranked team objective with smaller squad based objectives would be awesome. Please have good team objective maps, or this game will turn stale fast…

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  • RE: Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

    Gday guys.

    As long as there’s sling, flail and the dubaxe I’ll be happy tbh.

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  • RE: Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

    @intox said in Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!:

    Especially the comp players would wish for an archer-free or even completely ranged-free game mode (no throwables, firepots, ballistas, catapults, horses etc.)

    Creating modes for everyone’s wishes would be difficult, So maybe like Chivalry Medieval Warfare, where you could limit each class through the Game.ini. Maybe allowing more customisation through the cfg’s (all weapons, class, mountables, respawn times etc etc) to create private server suitable to your wishes ?

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  • RE: Dedicated server: current players kill counter

    Hi, There is no stat tracking in Chivalry Medieval Warfare, the only time i have seen it done in the past was via modding on a duel server.

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  • RE: Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!
    • Capture the flag
    • story driven Team Objective
    • 8 team death match with corresponding colors (much like deadliest warrior)
    • decent practice bots
    • flail weaponry (one handed flail, pole flail)
    • server remote control access
    • memes

    Thank you,
    Papsikins Heironomous Boschnlaumb Tyrannathesaurus Rex [B]uttman the 1st of Wellington

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  • RE: Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

    physics for that chicken in the trailer :-)

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