• RE: When does the Alpha end?

    It ends on the 10th at about 7:00 pm EST.

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  • RE: No access to begginers guides for chiv 2

    Go to #alpha-onboarding in the Chiv 2 Discord and type %apply to be given access to the hidden part of the forums.

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  • RE: Novel concept, stop the cheats

    @Cataclysmm said in Novel concept, stop the cheats:

    Re: Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

    Here’s a novel concept, how about securing the game first from cheat engine…My first match 5 of us stabbing and slashing and shooting a single player that was on fire, and one by one he killed us all and continued to kill everyone without injury…He was never once injured or killed in the entire, very short game…It was my last. Lately you DEV’s just completely ignore the fact that these kids download a trainer before the game is done installing or hack it with cheat engine on the first load up. I wont buy the game, I saw enough…I deleted it as soon as it closed. Good luck…

    Cheats are rare in Chivalry. All official servers are VAC secured so anyone using known cheats gets an automatic VAC ban after a random amount of time which normally takes a day or two.

    If you are unlucky enough to find someone who is cheating, you can contact the admins and we’ll ban the cheater with good enough evidence. Give us their Steam ID so we can find them and get proof.

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  • RE: Torn Banner Chivalry 2 Discord Q&As

    June 29

    Q: will there be capes in chivalry 2?

    A: No capes.

    [This is just for launch though. More cosmetics may be added later.]


    Q: Will Chivalry 2 Beta come to consoles?

    A: Yes this is the plan! We don’t know all of the technical limitations or hurdles for this quite yet, but console beta is on our roadmap.


    Q: Will it focus on the story more than the last game we really aren’t focusing on the plot than killing players?

    A: Yes definitely! There is a lot happening in the world of Chivalry and you will be on the front row to see it happen. Each map also features its own storytelling and environment narrative.


    Q: Will the game contain Easter Eggs (weapons, armors, etc…) or secret cosmetics ?

    A: There’s some great easter eggs across the departments, be on the lookout for them!


    Q: I saw the gif of the fish the other day, what other kinds of “joke weapons” can we expect? In other words can i hit someone with a clothes iron?

    A: I won’t spoil all of them but among the most popular internally we have candelabras, ballista bolts and branding irons.


    Q: sorry if this has been answered, but how much variety will there be in the classes?

    A: The class structure is similar to Chivalry 1 in that there is the four clases: Archer, Vanguard, Footman, and Knight. Each class has specialized weapons, an individual health pool, and we’ve been currently testing different armor values in the alpha. This is something that is subject to change as time goes on.


    Q: How do held blocks affect melee play compared to, say, Mordhau?

    A: We have talked about this a bit before, but we believe that held block is critical to the scale that we are trying to achieve. It allows players to successfully defend themselves in 1vx situations with a higher success rate. With that said, we’re also looking at other ways to improve 1vx as well. We’ve had great feedback in the alpha so far that’s lead to some interesting discussions and changes.


    Q: do the game gonna take more time to develope because of the COVID-19 ?

    A: COVID-19 has definitely caused a lot of challenges throughout the gaming industry as a whole. Right now we are focused on doing our absolute best to stay on schedule and stay connected with everyone on the team.


    Q: what do you plan to put in place to make it an even playing field in terms of pc players vs console with the crossplay side of things

    A: We are still in the middle of lots of console tweaks and testing, but playing Chivalry 2 with a controller feeling surprisingly good! I’ve played it with an Xbox controller. If you’re in the alpha you can already play it with the controller as well on your PC. Definitely send any controllers feedback into the alpha channels if you end up giving it a shot. Like with all things it’ll take balancing, but we plan to provide some aim assist to consoles as well.


    Q: Will there be a team hitstop like in Mordhau?

    A: Hitting a teammate causes a hitstop


    Q: What are the plans for matchmaking/server browser?

    A: Right now Chivalry 2 offers a Quick Play option that will automatically fill you into a server that has an open slot for you. We expect that many people will use this option. We also still offer the server browser where you can choose a server from the server list.


    Q: Will there be an MAA stick again with a lightning-fast stab?

    A:“lightning fast” is something we’re avoiding due to the issues of readability and fairness. We would rather create an experience that is skill based rather than using one move over and over again


    Q: Will feints be a large part of a players skill set such as mordhau or will they be a lesser part of combat

    A: Feints have their niche in the new system and are definitely still used by experienced players


    Q: will there be weapon and armour customizations? Like a vast variety?

    A: There will be customization options for both, as for how much you’ll have to wait and see!


    Q: How much will game balancing come from the community vs internal decisions?

    A: I think that is a conundrum that every game developer faces! The goal is to have a good mix between community opinion and developer intention so that the game feels good and fun to everyone. Ideally good communication between TBS and the community will keep this in a good state. There may be some balance disagreements that come from this, but the overall goal is to keep the game fun and healthy.


    Q: How do you plan to teach the mechanics of the game to new players? do they have to learn from playtime or do we get an tutorial?

    A: There’s a few ways we’re looking at this. Part of it is through playtime, some through UI indication, as well as through tutorials


    Q: Will you be able to break blocks if someone is just holding it? So the game isn’t entirely a stam war

    A: Breaking blocks is possible through kicks and a few other techniques currently. You’ll notice that experienced players will find ways around people who simply hold block and attempt to turtle

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  • RE: PC / PLAY crossplay?

    @fernando-lego said in PC / PLAY crossplay?:

    Can I play with my Play friends while I play in PC?

    Crossplay between the current and next gen consoles and PC is supported!


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  • RE: Torn Banner Chivalry 2 Discord Q&As

    June 17th


    Q: Will the game be updated on a regular basis?

    A: You bet! We already talked about the Epic exclusivity deal solidifying our post-launch position financially, but we think it should be even more clear with the console release that we expect the game to stick around for some time. Post-launch content is a big part of our roadmap, more details to come.


    Q: How long do the devs plan on supporting the game post-launch? Do you believe that you will continue to add weapons, or do you intend to include everything in the full release?

    A: Yes, additional weapons are on our post-launch roadmap.


    Q: What was your thought behind using DX12 over things like Vulcan or staying with DX11?

    A: DX12 isn’t particularly well-supported by the version of UE4 we’re using. We do have it as an option, but most users will not see any benefit from it as a result, and may even have problems. We’re mostly giving it as an option because it’s the only way to use Intel’s variable rate shading (VRS) which provides a nice boost for newer Intel GPUs. We are not providing Vulkan as an option.


    Q: Tried looking this up, but still wasn’t sure. If I use a PS4 for the first year, would I then be able to move to steam and keep my progress? If not, I’m stuck with PS4, or I start over.

    A: Account linking is not planned at launch.


    Q: Can you include the significance of ping and packet loss in the official tutorial? I’ve noticed countless newbies getting kicked and banned from chiv servers simply because they don’t know any better about having too high a ping

    A: We definitely agree this is something that new and even experienced players need to be made aware of, we’ve been talking about this stuff recently in fact. Not sure if it’ll be a part of the tutorial specifically but we’re definitely looking into ways to improve this communication to the player


    Q: I would like to know if there will be ‘events’ of any sort? I know stuff like Halloween and Christmas might be more suited to a game like KF2, but perhaps some sort of map changes / aesthetics or maybe events like the progression of story could perhaps be plausible?

    A: We have these kind of ideas all of the time here - we’ll have to share more information after we launch the game, but definitely expect some fun timed things / seasonal stuff post-launch. Post-launch map content will also play into and continue the wider narrative of the Agatha vs Mason conflict


    Q: first question: how do i get into the beta? second question: is mason knight voice from first chiv still going to be availiable?

    A: You’ll be able to get into the beta in the same way as the alpha. We’ll have a closed beta period where we’ll hand out keys to those who signed up, and then we’ll have an open beta after that. And yes, we do have returning voices from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!

    Q: any chance a 240 system like mordhau will be added to the game?

    A: No 240 system


    Q: is the crossplay will be directly available directly after the game launch ?

    A: all platforms crossplay at launch is planned


    Q: Will you be able to use alternates consecutively in a combo? (For example: Alternate overhead, alternate Overhead, stab)

    A: You can’t combo into the same attack (e.g. cannot alt overhead combo into alt overhead… you’d need to alt overhead into normal overhead or any other attack type)


    Q: Is feinting bannable?

    A: No, but to elaborate: Feinting is far less frustrating on the receiving end due to held parry. It is still useful but with Chiv 2’s mechanics there are more options for both attack and defense.


    Q: Is a predetermined questionnaire the best way to get chiv2 feedback to improve the game?

    A: I write the questionnaires based on information our designers are looking to hear about. On top of this we also read the feedback channels here in Discord and on the forums from the alpha players. We try to create many avenues for people to give us feedback in a way that is both easy for them and useful for us.


    Q: will be there good anti-cheat?

    A: We’re planning on using Easy Anti Cheat!


    Q: Will be here good optimalization for Low End Computers?

    A: Big focus. Mind we have to run at a consistent framerate on consoles that are nearly 7 years old at this point.


    Q: Will console hold PC graphics back?

    A: No, console ports are handled in a different way that optimizes them for the console they’ll be played on and that will not affect PC graphics.


    Q: Will the servers be crap like the ps3 and xbox 360 version?

    A: Servers on the console release of Chivalry 1 were listen servers, run by one of the players, with the inconsistent performance and networking issues that come with that. Chivalry 2 servers are dedicated servers, always.


    Q: […] will the beta run on console? […]

    A: We do plan to do a console beta. Can’t speak to the details yet because we don’t know them

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  • RE: Ban Appeals

    @TheOldWiseman I’m afraid that you were caught using threats in the game which were so bad that the devs had no choice but to issue a game ban to safeguard the other users. Honestly, if you only get a game ban and not a visit from the police you can consider yourself lucky. Please consider your interactions with other people very carefully in the future as your use of words can have real consequences even on the internet.

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