@Elite-Team-Killer Vanguards dont have shields. Archers are not necessary to have a medieval warfare experience. Archers are unfair in TO because they don’t have to fight in melee whereas every other class has to. They just sit back behind their team, shooting people. No shield or smoke pot can save you reliably, I’ve worn shields and I’ve thrown countless smoke pots in my thousands of hours in the game and still I got shot in other parts of my body or through the smoke which lasts 10 seconds or so. They are so unbalanced that they are the only class that has a limit of players that can choose it in TO, otherwise it would be downright unplayable for everyone who isn’t an archer.

I don’t care that battles are where archers were used, I am trying to have fun in a video game. We don’t want archers removed from all TO, we want the no archer FFA server to be set back to TO so that we have atleast one server of TO where there are no archers. It is not an instance of git gud, there is no amount of skill, strafing, dodging, equipment or anything that can reliably save you from even a newer player who is 30 meters away and is playing archer. And that is the best case scenario, when you know he is aiming at you and there are none of his teammates in the way, you still can only decrease the chances he hits you, never erase them, and thats not what I am playing this game for, to run around hoping I dont get shot.

Please make the no archer FFA server TO again Torn Banner, there are still a few hundred players who play this game and we would benefit from that server immensely if it were TO, as FFA it does not help nearly as much because in FFA archers are not such a problem as previously explained.
Thank you.