@MirageTester said in Combined feedback and bug reports from 1st alpha build, Sept. 29th – Oct. 3rd:

My in-game name was \\\\\\\\.

Oh hey

Ability cooldowns should be either fully reset or cut by X seconds upon re-spawn. Occasionally a team will be spawn camped, and among other things, this change would help prevent spawn camping.

I didn’t notice a lot of spawn camping. Even if there was, that’s not really a big issue. Fighting someone right next to their spawn only gives you a disadvantage. They get teammates that spawn right there, and you’re not doing the objective.

This would lead to other problems. If you know you’re about to die, why not just use all of your abilities? There’s no reason not to if you’re just going to get it back. This would also lead to situations in which dying would be better, so that you could get back to your spawn and have all your abilities back up.

Ability interruptions should not cause an ability to go into cool-down if the ability was not fully used.

That’s the punish though. Don’t use the ability if you know it will get cancelled. The situations in which using an ability is a good idea should be as limited as possible.