[Dev Action Needed] -Surround/Eyefinity/Ultra widescreen bug

  • Sorry for being rude, just upset I can only play this game with 1/3rd of my display.

    Could you guys please fix this?

  • Another bump by me but in my case I have had some other issues as well, namely the hud has been cut out out of the edges of my screen, on the top and sides, other than that the hotfix with the changing the fov adjustments from horizontal to vertical works. still I think this needs to be looked at especially since this game would work so well with eyefinity.

  • Hi,
    Sorry if this is a necro but it seems this is still an issue. Just registered to say i just bought the game and would love to be able to play in eyefinity properly. The Ui is the main issue, the chat box is half out of sight and i cant see my stamina/health. Will be playing in single screen until its fixed but i think it would be great to be able to play this kind of game in eyefinity, makes it so much more immersive playing FPS games with peripheral vision.

  • Bump:

    This still occurs. I picked up a new 4gb 680 to play this max settings with three monitors. Please fix :)

  • Bought this months ago, been waiting months for a fix. Come on devs, can’t be too hard to include some GUI support for eyefinity/surround gaming users.

  • @Kalthios:

    Bought this months ago, been waiting months for a fix. Come on devs, can’t be too hard to include some GUI support for eyefinity/surround gaming users.

    There’s only one programmer on the team as of now. Another is joining soon.

    Moved to Bug Report Forum.

  • @Kalthios:

    Bought this months ago, been waiting months for a fix. Come on devs, can’t be too hard to include some GUI support for eyefinity/surround gaming users.

    It may actually be so if they don’t have such a setup themselves heh. How can they fix something they’ll be completely unable to reproduce on their own systems? (They may actually have such a setup, but I’ve no idea tbh).

    Remember this is a small indie company who don’t have much testing equipment besides their own machines, even a lot of AAA companies don’t include full 3D surround support.

    I hope it gets fixed though, I use 3d vision (on a single monitor), haven’t tried it for a while but I remember the objective markers only being on one eye.

  • If the devs do not have the time to make eyefinity support at this moment, can they atleast let people use the HUD console commands that is in UnrealEngine?

    I guess chiv is using the HUD type Scaleform GFx, so if they would be so kind to unlock commands like those below in the debug console then that would be nice.

    HUDCanvasScale - The amount of screen-space to use (for TV’s) in the range [0,1].
    Size[X/Y] - The size in pixels of the viewport horizontally and vertically…
    Center[X/Y] - The center of the viewport horizontally and vertically.
    Ratio[X/Y] - The ratio of the current viewport horizontally and vertically size to the native resolution of 1024x768.

  • I supported the devs by purchasing this game on release weekend, I had really enjoyed AOC the source mod and appreciated their involvement with players while developing that mod. Am I missing a place where there might be responses to our concerns? I have dozens of games that work flawlessly in triple screen and as a result I never choose to play this one in single screen. I am a mature team oriented player. I was looking forward to grouping up with other players on release. I was keen to become part of the community. Instead I sit on the sidelines and occasionally check here and the WSGF for a FOV fix
    The single programmer still left on the payroll would probably be able to fix the triple screen fov to be horizontal+ rather than vert- if they got in touch with Hayden at the Widescreen Gaming Forum. Hayden wrote the open source Flawless Widescreen software and is committed to helping users or developers write scripts to enable games in surround resolutions.

    What I think what takes the most time for Hayden is having to reverse engineer elements of the game I doubt that it would take more than a few hours between them if the programmer were to share some information with him.

    Hayden uses google talk, flawlesswidescreen@gmail.com and can be reached by email at hayden@flawlesswidescreen.org

    “An awful lot of time often goes into fixing the games you will enjoy with proper widescreen support, sometimes upwards of 10 hours or more of pure perseverance and reverse engineering” -Hayden

    please help this guy out or ask for help from him, we would all like to play this game the way it was meant to be played.

    Hey programmer, if you really are starving for a triple screen rig to test this on I’ll personally lend you my ati card and dp-dvi active adaptor, even though they go for about $75 on ebay now. It’s a HD5770 and will run this well enough in triple screen to test.

  • Bump, can you pls solve this problem?

    Just bought 3x Asus 24" VG248QE to play in 3D Surround. And now very disappointed to read this.

    Pls if u can fix it, it would be great!

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