Ranged weapon release times(not just archers)

  • All the ranged weapons seem so laggy, like the time between triggering the attack and actually launching the projectile is very delayed. This makes it incredibly difficult to hit anyone moving in anything other than a straight line or standing still.

    Thi is part of the reason everybody hates archers(the other part being that they’re butthurt because they can’t use a shield or dodge)- except for some incredibly skilled exceptions, they have no choice but to just uselessly lob arrows and hope for the best, pick off idiots, or, most effectively but also the riskiest, lob arrows into duels where the targets are moving less erratically.

    Make the release point much quicker, and you make archery both more useful and less annoying to your team. Honestly,I don’t think that crabwalking and zigzagging were viable counters to archery in medieval battles, and they shouldn’t be here either.

    and now I will calmly await a bunch of people screaming about buffing noob archers.

  • That’s not the reason they hate archers at all.

    You get used to it. Its called compensating. You aren’t firing a gun. And its no like call of duty unrealistic insta-throw.

  • This seems especially true for Javelins, or at least it’s more noticeable because of the in-your-face nature of Javelineering (get it? in your face? like my javelin is… yeah you get it). I’d love for them to be able to accelerate the actual release of the projectile, since you’re already primed to launch it. I dunno, I can see the realism aspect of needing to actually take a split second to chuck the thing, but it shouldn’t be gimped vs bows in more ways than it already is, especially when Javs are just so satisfying!

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