Please, help!

  • Me and my gf are really frustrated. I wanted to reinstall Win XP on he laptop but it is just so troublesome:

    1. The BIOS isn´t working. I cannot access it no matter what I´m pressing before the system starts. The system starts pretty much immediately and nothing appears on the screen before Win XP (which is very weird).

    2. I´ve tried installing Win XP twice and not once did it ask me to reformat the disc. Which sucks because that´s exactly what we need is to start from the beginning.

    3. I´ve installed the specific wi-fi drivers but it did not do shit. I cannot set it up and I´ve tried EVERYTHING. I don´t know what to do.

    I know this must be really ununderstandable but we are so frustrated we couldn´t even sleep. I´ll be glad for any help.

    It´s this laptop: Asus Eee PC 1000 H
    All I need is this:
    Reformat the one of the discs
    Install Win XP then
    Setup the wi-fi

  • Format the drive beforehand, then put the Windows disc in. Make sure it actually works by getting into the Windows install setup on another computer without actually doing it though, since it could be the disc =p

    Then just slap in all the drivers you need.

  • @funthomass:

    Reformat the one of the discs
    Install Win XP then
    Setup the wi-fi

    First get the laptop to do a slow boot.

    1. Boot and hold F2 to get to BIOS
    2. In BIOS look for “Fast Boot” option and turn it off. Now you’ll have more time to enter BIOS or disk check
    3. Also in BIOS change the boot order to the DVD drive first, then the hard drive. You can change it back later.
    4. Boot from Windows XP disk.
      At the Welcome to Setup page, press Enter. Press F8 to accept the Windows XP Licensing Agreement. You’ll be asked if you want to repair your existing Windows XP installation. Press ESC to bypass the repair and install a fresh copy. All your existing disk partitions will be listed.

    You want to delete the current partition where Windows is installed. Use the arrow key to select it, and press D to delete it. Press L to confirm. Then, to create a new partition, select the unpartitioned space and press C. To create a new partition with the maximum amount of space allotted to it, press Enter.

    Select the partition. Format the drive as NTFS. Then, follow Windows Setup’s steps.

    You’re on your own for the wifi - but you should check that you actually have the correct drivers.

  • Praise Jesus and pray for him to fix your laptop. The power of prayer!

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