Chivalry Training

  • Hello, there. After over 250 hours of gameplay, I decided to pass on my knowledge and train fellow players who hadn’t quite figured out the mechanics of the game. I’ve only trained three players at the time of writing, but they quickly understood my methods and were brought up to nearly my skill level within the hour using empty servers. The following was my training regiment:

    Level 1: Parrying - Learning to parry normal horizontal, stab and overhead attacks.
    Level 2: Parrying - Learning to parry delayed horizontal, stab and overhead attacks.
    Level 3: Parrying - Learning to parry a mix of these along with footwork

    Level 1: Attacking - Learning to perform normal horizontal, stab and overhead attacks.
    Level 2: Attacking - Learning to perform delayed horizontal, stab and overhead attacks.
    Level 3: Attacking - Learning to perform a mix of the previous levels along with footwork

    Level 1: Dueling - A combination of all the previous steps but with learning to perform and parry counter attacks


    Level 4: Parrying - Learning to tell feints apart from real attacks. (Real attacks cause the attacker to make a grunt, feints do not)

    Level 4: Attacking - Learning to feint an opponent properly

    Level 1: Parrying/attacking - Learning to feint to parry

    Level 2: Duelling - Possibly the most realistic scenerio combining all of the previous steps. This of course, will be the most difficult.

    Level 1: Multiple Opponents - Triangle formation with 2 being the attackers and the third person learning to use footwork aggressively to avoid being easily flanked.

    At this point, I believe the skill ceiling has been hit. I would of been elated had someone trained me in these skills yet I had to expontentially put more game time and learn with experience as opposed to being trained by a veteran. I suggest starting a rooster of volunteers to become trainers and a proper training server mode.

  • I really like this idea. I too wish there were helpful veterans around when I was still trying to grasp the basics, but luckily there were good videos like Sharantil’s that offered tips to get me started in the right direction. I had to learn on FFA duel servers, and it seemed like the veterans were mostly unwilling, or too busy focusing on their own game to help me out with any lengthy advice and tips, which is understandable.

    The only issue I see with this idea is that, according to the steam activity graphs, player activity right now is averaging at about 2250 players. So I would suppose that a big portion of those players are already veterans. And the lower ranking players left are probably either players convinced to buy the game by a friend, or casual gamers who got Chivalry in the sales, and probably couldn’t give a crap about any formal learning, because they only play it an hour or two a week. Bear in mind this is just me speculating.

    I imagine the Steam forums would probably be a good place to offer the services of training.

    I think it is an excellent idea though, let me know if there’s any way I can help out.

  • This reminds me of all the good times I had training in other games with my team… fun stuff…
    Any way, I love this idea.
    No doubt some modder could create a dojo for training(though the arena works to I suppose)

  • how the hell you can delay attacks lol

  • You can preform a feint mid attack by pressing the “q” key by default

  • oh feint i know i though that there is a way to make the attack be delayed in another way or whatever lol

  • I suppose using the Alt swing could change the timing up a bit or at least mess up your opponent (maybe) but with out messing with console, I dont know of any way to delay attacks…

    Unless I misunderstand the question entirely.

  • Attack delay and acceleration refer to swiveling your camera away or towards your hit tracers, respectively. You can make your attacks appear to come out faster or slower, and it’s an essential part of high level chivalry.

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