Accurate Weapon ranges?

  • Martin has said he will post weapon ranges on the damage chart couple months ago but I haven’t seen any related data there. So what is the command he was talking about to get the weapon range data?

  • I said it’ll happen when the devs fix the console command that shows the weapon ranges (which could be anytime or never). Currently, the value appears off-screen (it did work about a year ago because I had weapon ranges at one point but all the animations got changed so I wiped everything), so whilst giving you the console command would be pointless as of now, it is aoc_showspeed 1, which I was using for debugging a few things I was testing.

  • If they posted accurate weapon ranges there would be an outcry and so much crying weapon this or that is OP it would not be funny.

    But yeah I would like em for the spreadsheet. If someone pays me $200 I will gather them :-)

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