Any upcoming free weekend events?

  • Hey guys,

    Just wanted to enquire as to whether any free weekend events, or similar, will be coming up in the near future.

    I have a couple of friends that I would love to jump in and play, but they’re not really willing to take a chance before trying it.

    Thank you all.

  • The world is created by taking risks, have them take one. This game is only gonna get better, it has it’s mechanic bugs but should be fixed whenever this patch comes out.

  • Oh god no.

    So many noobs.

  • Unfortunately, we don’t know when there will be a free weekend. That’s something that is done through Valve. TBS just gives the okay that they can do it and voila, Valve picks the date and then it happens.

  • I bought Chiv during a sale. I was going to get it for my brother-in-law too but he wanted Natural Selection II. He’s played 6.9 hours of NS, I’ve played 152 hours of Chivalry. I WIN! :D
    I’ll take pity and buy the game for him next time it’s on sale.

  • Free weekend does equal players of the noobish type plus a healthy surplus of trolls but it also brings some potentially awesome new players after the storm… so my fingers are always crossed for a free weekend.

  • Thanks guys for all the informative answers, I’ll just have to keep an eye out for the next event.

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