Playing Chivalry in East Asia

  • While I enjoy living in Asia, it’s a veritable wasteland when it comes to playing certain online games from America. Red Orchestra, Chivalry, and other relatively smaller online games have few if any players in East Asia (i.e., China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.) due to lack of awareness and marketing. Most people I run across in-game on the Asian servers for Chivalry are expats.

    Few if any people in Taipei, Taiwan—where I live—know about this game. And this is in an area with tons of internet gaming cafes where people play games like CS:Source and MMORPGs all day and all night.

    Of course, this is unfortunate for me, since I want to play Chivalry…! :x

    I basically only have three servers to choose from, and one of them—a server in Singapore—does not even appear in the game’s server browser. I have to connect to it through a link on these forums which only works sometimes. But now it is nearly always empty. There are a couple of Japanese servers that I can see with decent pings (<100ms), but Chivalry will not let me join these servers for some reason. I always get stuck at the “Loading game…” screen until the connection times out. So basically I am limited to two or three servers on a good day which may or may not even have any players on them.

    So then, what is the point of my post, you ask? I want to be constructive! I want to find out who in this community plays Chivalry in Asia, and perhaps coordinate somehow. I have noticed quite a large drop in player numbers across the board on the Asian servers I frequent lately, and it’s really beginning to dishearten me! When I get home from work some days, I’d really like to jump into a server and play a couple rounds of Chivalry, but the only 2 or 3 servers where I can get less than a 200ms ping have been empty for the past week (or like I said about the Japanese servers, I can’t join them for some reason).

    So who of you live in Asia? Do you have any thoughts for boosting player numbers? I am also interested in setting up a server myself where I am located… But I’m not really sure how to go about it. Advice?

    **Cheers from the Heart of Asia! :D


  • I live in Malaysia, which it’s just above of Singapore.

    I play Chivalry alot but for now, I am gonna wait until they release the patch first. Being face hugged to death by few archers the last time I got on :? 8-)

    I am considering going to Taipei for their anime convention in the stadium

  • When I lived in Japan I found it beneficial to play BF3 on Australian servers. The ping wasn’t great but at least they were online when I was online and they spoke English. How is your ping in Australian/NZ servers?

  • I live in japan and there used to be 20 to 30 japanese,korean,etc servers with very good ping
    but now there’s only 5 or even less and no one is in the servers.

    Maybe when the next update comes people will start playing again.

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