Javelin archer review

  • I play this class all the time now, because I like it but the flaws drive me nuts. I generally go with the short spear and cudgel.

    1. Unable to do anything after throwing the spear.

    Ok I get why they might have implemented this delay. Maybe their code cannot distinguish between preventing a second spear throw and other actions. I don’t mind the delay per se though I would kill for being able to at least block. But still

    Add an animation so I can see when the delay is over.

    it is annoying as hell not knowing when I can raise the shield - too early and my RMB fails, too late and I am dead.

    1. Buckler

    So enough said about it taking up the entire screen when you use it. But what is really annoying is all the time I get hit, I flinch and I am unable to raise the buckler in time before I am hit again. wtf is it so heavy that I cannot get it up…

    1. I don’t want a buckler

    Or at least I want to be able to sling it on my back. From a user perspective when you pidgeon hole someone into a particular choice is sucks. And I feel sorry for the knight with the flail.

    Ok fine so if I am using the javelin then I have to have the buckler because there is no blocking animation for the javelin. But if I pull out my cudgel I do not want the buckler - why should bowmen have all the fun. Let me lose the shield when my spears are gone and better sling it on my back.

    Hopefully in the next balance patch they can make this class more fun. As far as the rest I don’t need any buffs or improve melee ability, I can live with it as is, just these problems addressed.

  • I’ve spent many many many hours on the javelin player now.
    -I’ve got used to the time it takes to know when i can raise my shield or not. Best thing to do is just stand there like a rabbit stuck in the head lights and hope for an easy attack to block at the last moment. A graphic cue would be cool but could look strange for others?
    -Or add a HHHHUUUUNNNGGGGGGGGG!!! noise which ends when the delay is over. Just like in the Olympics

    -IMHO if they want the buckler to be crappy then they should make its graphic size smaller to suit its hit box more accurately. The fact that you hold the buckler up against your nose means that its hard to calculate which part of your body you are actually covering. I’ll often look down left or up a little depending on which part of my body i think i need to protect (whilst crouching) but good archers or jav players land their missiles anyway :(
    I’d prefer a kite shield so i can better protect my legs and feet.

    -It would be nigh impossible to block with a javelin due to its center of mass and weight distribution. Being able to put away the shield when your secondary comes out is definitely a good idea though. Especially as when you run out of javelins you all of a sudden stop shield bashing and start kicking wtf?

    I’m still vying for a separate javelin class. There is so much potential for a separate class even if the only change is changes to sideways and backpeddle speed. ;)

  • I use the javelin a lot too

    1. Unable to do anything after throwing the spear.

    The worst part is when they hit when you are reloading and you have to go through the reload animation twice. Missing an enemy at close range should be punished, but getting hit twice without being able to block is bit of overkill (and quite literally, since you are an acher).

    1. Buckler

    I think a dev said somewhere that all the shields block the same area as the parry. But it seems to me that the buckler somehow has a much higher fail rate than the other options.

    1. I don’t want a buckler

    I think you know that, but you can press 3 to use only the secondary. Its a hassle, but since you fight at a distance you should have enough time to press 2 and then 3.

    and one from me:

    4)unreliable at close range
    Sometimes it seems to clip through the enemy, when you throw it at close range.I think this happens with all projectile weapons, actually. When the enemy is too close and covering a good portion of your screen, i feel that aiming down has a better success rate than straight ahead. It’s not uncommon to headshot an enemy by throwing a spear at my feet.

  • My biggest annoyance is that you can be in close range with someone, like two hander striking distance, throw a javelin into their face (which they survive) and your recovery time is longer than their flinch, so they can just one-shot you despite you just scoring a sprinting javelin headshot from 5 feet away. Unless you pull off a duck, it’s detrimental to play too close in to people with a weapon designed for being close to people.

  • I really like the javelins as it’s a nice way to play archer while still getting involved with the combat. I think it’s pretty well balanced right now, but it wouldn’t hurt if they rebuffed the ammo count or fixed being able to pick up your javelins from the ground or bodies correctly. It can be really effective once you get used to aiming the projectiles.

    I disagree with your first point, though. Throwing your weapon should be a risky maneuver and the few seconds of vulnerability afterwards is enough incentive to make you aware of your surroundings before tossing a spear. Although yeah, it would be nice for a proper animation to show when you’re done reloading.

    Second and third I agree with completely. The buckler is pretty shitty right now and I always try and put it away when it comes to using my secondary. It takes up so much space on your screen, which is a massive hindrance for people who prefer to play in first person and its block radius is exceptionally small considering how much it impairs your vision, which makes it almost worthless in melee to the point where you’re better off parrying. All they really need to do to fix it is move the first person viewmodel towards the bottom left slightly so it’s easier to see where you’re aiming to block with it. Maybe increase the block radius a bit as well.

  • Jav’s still got that issue with the actual projectile not landing where the cursor is. Thats there to remember.

    That delay is a nightmare.

    I’m not entirely sure why they gave the jav guy a buckler. All the aux units that use jav’s which I have seen use a tower shield, or other large shield, because once you throw the jav your pretty damned vulnerable

    Finally the buckler itself is a broken mess with a hole through the middle that is pretty much completely useless for blocking anything but the occasional arrow.

  • At this point i think it’d be cool if this thread could be joined with the other javelin thread “a word on javelins” as these threads are running parallel.

  • I’d like to see the retrievable javelin fix, and a buckler fix. These two would go a long way in fixing the Jav Archer, IMO. After that we could see about buffing the recovery time, but right now the lack of ammo and a working block is what is killing the loadout.

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