Cant play it again

  • yesterday I got this game and installed it , I said I wanted a desktop shortcut and nothing happened. I was able to play when I clicked on the dvd drive. since then I have taken the disk out. now when I put it back in it acts like it is not installed but when I try to do the installation process again it just says “validating steam files” and after that nothing happens. I didn’t get a steam program when I installed it either.

    any help?

  • You have a DVD vesrion of the game?
    Well, this is a steampowered game, meaning you have to run it through steam. So if you’ve installed it, just run steam and look in your Games Library, there you should see Chivalry. Click it then click Play and you’re off.
    The desktop shortcut should just be a shortcut to steam, with a target of something like run steamid:####…
    If this doesn’t help, sorry.

  • It should’ve installed Steam for you when you launched the installer. In any case, you should be able to just download Steam here: and activate your key there.

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