Sling - Ammo bug

  • I’ve seen this reported in other threads but no one has responded on this specific bug.
    If you use all of your lead ball ammo and refill at an ammo box - you can no longer use the sling.
    It says you have 20/20 ammo, but the sling just hangs there.

  • throwing weapons have this issue too, it doesn’t always mean that you will not be able to reload, it has some issue with like getting flinched while you shoot. You can also lose your throwing knives, and hatchets, and won’t get them back until respawn. For the throwing weapons, you can even go to an ammo box and resupply, your inventory will show refilled, and you can even animate throwing all 4 of them and the number decreases with each thrown, however there is nothing coming out of your hand, it will not do damage despite this… so yeah… you just have to respawn and use 2ndary till ya die.

  • I don’t think that’s what I’m reporting. There is no animation.

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