Weird "Fake lag" problem

  • Don’t know if this is a common problem:

    I’m having this weird problem where all of a sudden all the characters on the screen start behaving as if it was lagging for a few seconds (moving foward endlessly or standing still), but I don’t think it is lag, because my game seems to be sending and receiving information normally. I can see my character ramdomly performing the “being hit animation” (probably because an enemy is attacking me) and the screen turns purple when I die, but there is no death animation, my character model just disappears (also, there is no sound). The other players report that my character was executing my commands normally (I keep jumping and parrying to see if I increase my chances to survive). This “fake lag” happens sporadically, in multiple servers, and also happened in the new beta app. Also, I don’t remember this happening before the content update 1.

    windows 7 64 bits
    gtx560 ti
    core i7 2600k

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