Feedback: 3rd person view

  • I think the 3rd person view is a nice addition. It’s pretty much a must if you’re using a shield, because otherwise the shield completely blocks your view, but I actually enjoy playing more on 1st person most of the time.

    I can understand why not have an accurate crosshair, but really the crosshair is just annoying, so I suggest you’d remove it completely from 3rd person view. Another thing is, I’d appreciate if 3rd person option would be persistent, i.e. when you respawn, if you had 3rd person selected last time, you should have it this time as well. Another nice addition would be if the game had some options for smart decision making in when to turn on/off 3rd person. E.g. it’d be great to automatically get 3rd person on when using a shield.

  • I have been solely a sword and board user, and have never used 3rd person once. That said, I use the round shield most of the time because it doesn’t obscure the view much at all

  • Having reduced visibility behind a large shield seems to me like an intended drawback just like the additional cost to weight/stamina. To circumvent this by switching to 3rd person view seems like a crutch. I believe that the intention for this view is to accommodate for people coming from a 3rd person style game and not to be toggled back and forth for additional field of view.

    That said, play however you want… I personally would like to see this 3rd person view selected during the character load-out screen, so this way you would be committed to it for the duration of the lifespan.

  • I have ended up using 3rd person as my default. Would really love it was persistant between lives.

    U by default toggles the crosshair. Just remember 3rd person stinks! (P,U ) ;)

    For 3rd the thing I really like is peripheral vision and being able to see the weapon tip to your sides much easier, as well as being aware of the state of your weapon. In 1st it’s sometimes hard to know whether or not you started up a combo swing if you have been a bit spastic with the controls.

    I kind of pushed for them just sliding the 3rd person crosshairs to the left, but they let me know it was a harder problem than that and I googled as to why. Based on the fact that the player ‘pawn’ is in on place and the camera is in another, the actual aim to hit things will change based on the distance it is from the target, so it is not just a fixed location.

    I sort of half followed the solutions, but basically you do some ray casting from the camera to target and correct the pawn’s aim accordingly. I think this doesn’t quite work with a melee weapon though, which might be why it’s not a simple thing to correctly fix.

    Anyway with the crosshairs off its not bad, just makes your vertical orientation a touch harder, but it does sort of remove the usefulness of thrown weapons for you. You can guesstimate but it won’t give you the kind of accuracy I think you’d need.

    In 3rd it is a touch harder to block, I just found that in first person ‘look at the weapon tip and block’ behaved in a much more consistent way. I believe over time I’ll find the right angle for it, but it was much more intuitive in 1st.

    Overall I’d say 1st person gives you more immersion and its easier to focus in on one person and what they are doing, but 3rd gives you more SA and awareness of what your character model looks like.

    Finally I believe forced first person will be a toggle switch for server admins, and I think there are some strong feelings here that 3rd should be out, so it might be dangerous to become dependent on it (I am already though, oh well :) )

  • Yes that effect is called parallax error. Its the same thing you will find with rangefinder cameras, (Leica M9) or others that emulate the style (Fuji X100)

    Many games actually ‘fake’ the third person problem, by ignoring the actual intended/true hit point and making it hit the crosshair. It makes for different problems…. That ‘fix’ is better for singleplayer games.

    I like third person, but it feels less controlled compared to first. I will continue to test over the next few days. I have always liked 3rd person, but it feels much to disconnected for this game.

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