Community Interviews

  • Hi there :)

    I’m from South America and personally play this game A LOT. I recently started a project which consists in interviewing Chivalry’s playerbase in order to get to know them, share different points of view regarding polls such as feints and showing that, in the end, we are all humans :P

    So all the interviews i’ll be making are to be divided into 3 parts (because nobody will watch 48 minutes of two guys talking). I’ll be keeping this thread updated.

    Also you can suggest me which person should i interview next, perhaps because you want to know its point of view or just know him a bit better :)

    The first one is about Ky Wild, member of the Royal Knights clan. Hope you enjoy :)

    Part 1


    Part 2


  • You have my permission to interview myself.

  • Interesting idea. Also, cool accent.

  • The Codex Astartes supports this action.

  • Thanks, I really enjoyed this. Good idea!

  • Thanks to all of you :)

    Part 2 is live, be sure to check it out ;)

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