Chivalry Lowgrav Instagib!!!

  • Can someone help me out with this config I want? =]


    1. Instant respawn
    2. Low grav
    3. Archers only (unlimited archers), only small knife and bow allowed
    4. Unlimited ammo
    5. Any hit = instant death
    6. And my dream options - any hit = whole body gib

    Help me make it possible and get I’ll get a 24/7 server running on a six-core box on fiber. =]

  • 1. not possible to what i believe. There is an option that says ForceRespawn=true or false but i don’t know if setting it to false will instant respawn anyone.
    2. there are gravity options
    3. You could set the archer limit to true in the settings and the rest of the classes to true.
    then at the limit put in 30 for archers and keep the rest of the classes at 0. This way the server will allow 30 archers in 1 team. You can ofcourse customize this to your liking.
    4.Not needed. There are ammo crates on the battlefield where archers can re-supply.(not on every map)
    5. There is an option in the config FracturedMeshWeaponDamage=5.0… i don’t know if this will increase/decrease your weapon settings.
    6.unknown to what i know. Not really possible i think.

  • the respawn time isnt editable yet, i think we are all waiting for that to b fixed

    the gravity can be set in ur udkgame ini
    stock chiv grav is -520

    dunno how to do #3

    as far as ammo goes u can edit that, i have 100 arrows for each bow on my server, that seems to be plenty even when u get like 30 kills and 0 deaths u still have alot of them left when u finaly die

    instead of editing wep damage for #5 u have to think ut side of chivalrys box, ie, since the damage edits do not work yet, if i was u i would make everyones health way less like 5 health, to ensure any 1 hit killed them

    come try my server
    ~RD~ Modded Matrix Mayhem

    i have kinda the same concept but way faster and not 1 hit to kill, which i came up with from playing unreal binslayer style with low grav
    i take it u are an unreal tourney player the way u have worded ur stuff?

    hit me up and ill try to help u get sum custom stuff going

  • for #5 you have multiple choices :
    in the UDKFamilyInfo.ini file, you change for each class:

    • Health=1 (was 100 and 300 for king)
    • PercentDamageToTake=10 (was 1.0 and 0.8 for knight)
    • fBackstabModifier=10 (for backstab only)

    for #2 just change PCServer-UDKGame.ini file :

    • DefaultGravityZ=-520.0 (closer to 0 = less grav, -520 is default)
      once i saw on a server standard gravity but corpses floating like grav=0, how to do this ? which param is it ?

    What is the use of those params ?

    We need comments in the ini files ^^

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