Sheridon: The Stoneshill Story

  • Part One: Focus

    On a lonely road there wandered a man only known by one name, Tiberius. The sun shimmered between the green leaves on the trees, narrowly showing the path in front of him. The country that surrounded was full of hills and foliage that could be seen for miles around. Rocks lay in the road, leaves floating in the nice cool breeze. Down the road Tiberius trudged, but always keeping his senses keen on the slightest movement. Unbeknownst to him, what lay in the town only a few miles ahead of him?

    Tiberius was just an ordinary man that had tried to be all he could be in the Agathian Army. He fought side by side some of the best knights Agatha had ever seen. An archer was his craft, honed to be the best archer since the famed criminal Robin Hood. Dozens of men had met the iron tip of his arrows. Tiberius had journeyed away from the safe confines of the Agathian stronghold. His brother had become ill and Tiberius felt that he needed to take care of him. His brother lived in the town of Sheridon.

    This warm summer day the people of Sheridon didn’t stray from their normal activities. The farmers plowed their fields, the school children attended classes, and the blacksmith clanked his metal on the hot coals. The local watering hole claimed many men’s money, while the local sanctuary claimed the hopes and prayers of the villagers. A cool breeze held off some of the heat as the sun beat down on anyone outside.

    Over a hill to the east of Sheridon there lay a large field which was housing some visitors. The visitors weren’t the normal ones the field was used to. They were known as Masons or as a group known as the Mason Army. Swords, shields, whips and bows were their accompaniment. First nature for them was battling, second was destruction of anything that lay in front of them. They had a plan, a devastating plan that would lay the town of Sheridon to ashes. Marching went the Masons up over the hill and set up on the small cliffs just outside of Sheridon.

    Part Two: The Conquering

    Tiberius arrived into Sheridon with people scattering around in a horrific panic. Bewildered at what could be the nuisance Tiberius asked a villager that was running by him. The villager, who was the butcher in the town, exclaimed in a loud voice that the Mason Army was on the outskirts of the town. Tiberius’s first thought was where his brother is. He asked the villager where he might find his sick brother. The villager told him that he might find him at the doctor’s cottage which was just a few houses away. Tiberius ran to the doctor’s place, which was a small house with a shabby fence surrounding it. He ran right into the cottage and found his brother lying on a blanket against the back wall. He checked his brother’s vitals, which he saw he was breathing, but he couldn’t seem to wake him. Tiberius didn’t see the doctor in sight so he lifted his brother off the ground and carried him in his arms to the door. He looked around outside and saw houses on fire and Masons chasing people down. There were no Masons that he saw that could see him so he carried his brother out of the cottage to the woods just behind it. Tiberius remembered a rock formation about a half mile away from the town. He carried his brother through woods, the trees were doing a fine job preventing the hot sun rays from shining on them both. They reached the rock formation about a half an hour after he had left Sheridon. Tiberius laid his brother down in the shade of one of the larger rocks and tried to give him some water. His brother awoke from his slumber and asked Tiberius what was going on. He told him that the Mason Army had attacked Sheridon and massacred the town. Tiberius’s brother pleaded that Tiberius see if anyone survived the attacks.

    Part three: In a few days

  • Chivalry fanfics? Interesting…

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    Chivalry fanfics? Interesting…

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