Weapon Unlocks Bug

  • I’m not sure whether anyone else is experiencing this, but the weapon unlocks seem to be really shoddy at the moment. I’ve been attempting to use the Billhook (2nd tier vanguard weapon, 3rd row) to unlock the next vanguard weapon, and for some reason about half of the time that I come out of a match it hasn’t saved my kills.

    I was playing for about an hour and a half yesterday, and about that much today, and got probably about 70-90 kills with the thing overall. It had ~60 left when I started, and now sits at a pitiful 42 kills remaining.

    I was lagging a bit yesterday, so I thought it might just be that - but I’ve had near-perfect ping today and the same problem has been coming up (if not worse - I managed 24 kills in one FFA round and I think 10 registered properly).

    I’ve been testing it a little and this happens regardless of whether I follow the match to completion or leave mid-way, and regardless of whether I’m playing FFA or Duel.

    This really needs to be fixed. I seriously doubt it’s something at my end, the game runs perfectly well on my machine and my internet is generally fine - though if it is, and I’m stupid, please do tell me.

  • I have this problem. I would go as far to say that it is the number one bug grievance in the game. I myself and countless others have tried a terrible amount of problems to fix this and it doesn’t work.

    Fixes? (They don’t work):
    Rejoin Server
    Reset the Game
    Reset Steam
    Reset PC
    Delete Steam AppCache folder
    Reinstall Game

    Nothing fixes this bug. It is a server issue by far or a problem in the coding. (Haven’t looked yet to see what language it’s written in but I’m guessing a variant of C.) I think I’ve killed about one hundred people with my short bow and still haven’t unlocked the war bow yet. Freakin BS… It sits at nineteen people all day long. I thought it was fixed after this last patch because it dropped from 23-19 but I was wrong.

    So if anyone DEVs read this post: TL;DR - Fix the weapon bug immediately. This is the biggest annoyance of the game thus far.

  • I had this at the beginning too. I believe it is server or steam related. When playing on an official server my kill count always got incremented.

  • I also have this, even in the same game I start with all my weapons and then suddenly I have no weapons…

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