Beach time!

  • first of all, after watching all the beta gameplay i keep blaming myself for not having 25$ more to get beta acess…
    But still one thing damages the atmosphere - after you get in water it doesn’t affect you.I know that its only beta and not final,but wanted to make sure that you notice that

  • and not enough bloooooooooood, and it doesn’t paint the ground anymore :x

  • you know, people have 6l of blood max :/

  • 6L is enough to paint 1/4 of a map like arena in bloody red baby :D
    Where is the blooood?!

  • What water are you talking about? The only water in the game is very shallow as far as I know (except the water that kills you if you fall in it). Granted even in shallow water your movement would be inhibited a bit, but after all of the complaints about the snow terrain mechanics in AoC I’d be surprised if Chivalry risked the same thing with water :)

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