Matches taken cinematic form in the guise of a story!

  • I consider myself a decent writer, and in the recent appearance of a chivalry fan story being written an idea was born. Perhaps I could use actual matches between competitive players and transform them into story form! I fear I can’t really do 5v5 or 8v8 and still maintain a good level of detail. I think I could do 3v3 and down, if one side loses a round, instead of dying in the story they’ll just receive a wound and the battle will continue. I’ll try to make the stories accurate to the actual battle, but some inaccuracy will be present for the sake of continuity of the story. Stories will probably end up being anywhere from 2.5k to 4k words, that’s just a guess though. Players won’t have the exact names in the story, but their names shall be similar.

    Submit videos of your matches, and I will give them written form!

    *Note: Please submit matches that have lots of conflict, that means no 7-0 curb stomps! Thank you :)

  • nice :D i support this 8-)

  • I love being an inspiration lol

  • Noone interested?

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