Host has downloadable content that you do not

  • Hello, I am having a problem joining certain servers that I have never seen before today… every time I try to connect to my server in particular I am getting a message saying “unable to join match because the host has downloadable content you do not.” Has anyone else run into this issue at all or know why its happening? The server is being hosted by bluefang solutions, so I am not sure if it’s something on there end as I can still join other servers… I have a support ticket in with them but in the meantime I am just wondering if there is anything I might be able to do on my end to fix the issue?


  • A patch was just released. Either you or the server are not up to date. If it is you: Close out of Steam, and reopen it, it should grab an update. Ctrl + Alt + Delete, kill steam.exe to be sure.

  • Had the same problem , i contacted our provider and looks like they patched the server side. anyhow , it’s working now.

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