• Hey guys, so, I know LOOOOTS of people who really LOVES Chivalry and wants to buy it as soon as possible. I’m included on this list. We are just waiting for a promotion on steam to buy it cause we think it’s a little bit expensive, we were really expecting to see a promo between days 21 and 29 this month, but, unfortunately, we didn’t see >.<

    So, are you guys planning any sales, offers etc? xD
    Cause if you do, I guarantee you are gonna have many other players =D

  • I don’t think we want players that can’t afford $25 for hundreds of hours of play.

    I can only imagine what their cheap dial-up pings would be like.

  • I’m just a teenager that doesn`t have any money to spend, and wants to spend it with care.
    My internet conection however, it’s paid by my parents, so no worries about it xD I haven’t bought a 2,000 dollars pc to play games with absurd pings =0

  • You shoulda bought 1975 dollars PC and you would be fine.

  • You can bet that it will be on sale during the Steam Summer sale (usually in July…).

    As far as spontaneous weekend deals, that’s up to Valve really and none have been announced to the public in the near future that I know of.

    I’m lockin’ this bugger though since the trolls seem to have taken up residence here. :|

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