EU Scrimms (Reliable clans)

  • Alright lads,

    So I would like to update my scrimm contact list with the steam usernames of people who organise scrimms for their clans, in the past week alone 2 clans have screwed us over by not showing up and saying they dont have enough members for even a 5v5 and just generally ****ing us about.

    So please if you struggle to get 5 people on, don’t reply :(

    We can guarantee 5v5s but not 8v8 at the moment with some inactivity and connection issues inside our teams (we have 2 now!)

    Thanks for replies <3

  • Hello,

    If you could add me to your list “Blaikie”. That would be great!

    Most of us are just starting out at Chiv, but we have one experienced player teaching us the methods.

    Is this your main source for finding scrimms or is there some sort of active IRC channel?

  • There’s the Chivalry Clan Leader group on steam! Add one of the admins on steam, and I’m sure they’ll add you to the group, if you’re not already in it! Asking around on steam is a good way to find scrims, I don’t think the IRC channel is that active.

    Also, we’re always happy to play you, knighthood!

  • contact TPL members for scrims :)
    or anyone else

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