Possible lag issues

  • Hello guys !

    I have a small problem that keeps me from enjoying this game at maximum capability.

    I often experience lag, most of the time in form of lag spikes.

    All of a sudden, my character dashes like 6 meters in the direction I was heading. (No it’s not man at arms dodge :D )
    It’s not much of a problem when I spawn, which is most often when it happens, but it’s a real pain in the ass in actual combat.

    The thing is i get this in NO other game

    Still I am careful to always chose servers with under 70 ping and I think my system specs are good enough. I tried lowering the video settings but it did no good :/

    Here are my specs anyway
    Motherboard: Asus P6T
    Graphic Card: ATI 5850
    Processor: Intel i7 920
    3Gb RAM

    Please halp so I can cut heads off more smoothly :) Thanks

    PS: I could record this issue if it’s of any help.

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