Speedhacker DEATH APPROACHES *Video Proof*

  • I came across another speedhack user, and the people that say speeding up can be numberous reasons sure have no clue what the average speed of a normal Vanguard is.
    This guy was totally speeding up during a TO match and the people in game took notice too. As you can see in the video the guy walks enormously fast, hits the enemy while the damage lands a few seconds after.
    It was in my own server and there was no lag whatsoever.

    *minute 0,24, look at how the hits and swings don’t connect
    *minute 1.25 vanguard launch and how quickly swinging when regular vanguards have a cooldown period right after.


  • looks like he wall hacks too

  • Well could have been that he knew the guy was there to begin with because that guy was idle in his first fight too. And if he’s playing 3rd person like i spectated him he could have seen that aswell

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