Why does nobody CTF ?

  • I like Capture the flag mode a lot. I think it gives more dynamic gameplay, and tactics. I like the thrill of somebody (or me) running with the flag, defending it, I like it all.

    But it seems I am the only one…… :(

    WHY ??? Or what can we do about this…

  • I think its the disparity of the teams. Because of the mastery of chivalry the stronger team can capture one flag and defend it easily. Once you lose your flag you are generally screwed.

    The nice thing about TO games is that a weaker team can still make progress through objectives, and the maps allow more sneaky tactics (battlegrounds grab their catapult and bomb the cart for 5 kill haha).

    I would imagine it might be better if they had voice chat that was team based so you can actually shout and say I’m close to getting the flag. But typing is impossible while you are running.

  • I like CTF in many games, but it never really appealed to me when I tried it in Chivalry :/
    I think TBS should add signals to tell you that the team has scored or when the flag is captured, currently it’s just said in text and you see the flag icon is not located at its base. But there should be some musical cue or something to alert you. In Team Objective, there’s always some soldier shouting out the objectives, so maybe we could have that in CTF. When flag is captured, you hear some echoing voice yelling that “the banner needs to be retrieved at all costs”. I dunno if there’s something like this in CTF already, I haven’t played it for some time.

    The flag spawns could also be placed in better locations. For example, in ruins, it’s far too easy to steal it. And if both sides are good, both sides will have eachother’s flags stolen and well protected. I guess that’s kind of the point of CTF though. But once we have a scenario like gregcau mentioned, and most of the times you do, then the games are short and not really that fun.

  • Good idea Mrs Savagebeatings.

    Personally i’d love it if VG could use that pole arm in all modes….even if it was just a graphic replacement/option for the tier 1 spear.

  • Ha, I don’t like TOs’ period.

    All I play is LTS. :D

  • And some of us don’t play LTS. Mainly because of being bored/not wanting to wait for the last player often hiding or running away from the enemy.

    I think CTF is well made. Some short signal for capturing flag would indeed be nice. But overal it’s capture the flag, nothing else much can be changed. I mostly play TO. I would really like to play FFA more but it’s close to “impossible” for an archer/bowman. Due to weak arrow damage and (too)long draw time. So yeah, i mostly stick to TO.

  • @boldest:

    But it seems I am the only one…… :(

    i like it too, i have always loved ctf gamemodes in every game and chivalry is no exception 8-)
    some audio signals could be nice though. Especially a voice-over yelling about the status of the game like someone above me mentioned

  • CTF on the ruins map is some of the most fun I have in this game! I can only play on a few servers due to ping though, and it hardly ever seems to come up on them :(

  • CTF and LTS are both really team based, way more so than TDM or TO, so it becomes frustrating in pubs when you want your personal skill to shine the most.

  • I also would like to see more CTF only servers and I´m looking for the devs to bring the CTF mod to completion!

    The things that bug me now is the lack of sounds for CTF (sound for taking enemy flag, scoring, sound for losing your flag etc.).

    Also can´t really tell easily which team is in lead because it´s written with a tiny tiny font at the bottom right of the scoreboard. Fucking frustrating!

  • As mentioned rather extensively before me, the lack of any sound when the flag is taken, captured, or lost, sorta puts me off. It doesn’t feel rewarding at all to capture the flag, as the only thing that changes is a number, and a small text in the chat that says “xxxx team has captured the flag”.

    If sound effects were added, maybe some voiceovers too, and generally just having the mode fleshed out more, than it would definitely attract more people, I’d imagine.

  • I actually fell in love with that gamemode just now… :) awesome

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