Zombie mode<?…pls dont hurt my feelings

  • so i thaught a little bit and a zombie mode in this kind of game would be hella awsome.
    the start could be like this: two teams ,one team with 20 and the zombie team with 10 or 5.
    the human team could be in a castle, with no armor or weapons.
    to get. weapons you need to go for example in the kitchen and get a knife.
    or you go to a unfinished building and get a sledge hammer.
    the zombie team should start outside the castle in a small wood.
    the castle should have many hidden entraces were you can enter .
    as weapon you have only fists but they are strong like a hatchet and you are faster and can survive more hits .
    once you kill a human he becomes a zombie to.

    now to the gameplay: the humans should start in a dining room and you hear the guards saying : do you smell that?
    then the game starts.
    it should have stages like team operations.
    stage 1: getting weapons in the castle.at first only knifes or hatchets.
    stage 2: breaking the doors to get in the “royal” part of the castle to get bigger weapons like swords and stuff and medium armor.
    stage 3: getting to the ships. this is the hardest part.
    because you need to got thru the woods were the zombies spawn.

    at the end you get on the ships and defend them till you can go.

    soo thats my idea.
    what do you think ?
    oh and my english sucks.

  • Support this idea instead since it is pretty much peasant with illness


  • yea but at my version you have no weapons at the beginning and can get armor and weapons and you have an actual “storyline” instead of just slaying pesants.
    and also i think it would be cooler to hear the mason knight laught wile splashing zombie heads with a maul.
    and it would be harder since zombies die only from “headshots”.

  • Remind me of the artist from Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

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