Option for default weapon to switch to

  • Simple enough to do, I would think.

    After you run out of axes or other thrown, you pull out the primary weapon. As a knight, this causes most of my could-have-been-avoided deaths vs MAA, as I pull out my slow weapon instead of my fast.

    Allowing me to set which weapon slot I default back to after running out of throwables, I could avoid this fate quite a bit more frequently.

  • Indeed. But apparently setting defaults is extremely complex code, even harder than the artificial intelligence code.

    Case in point after you respawn it could default you to your primary weapon.

    But no, instead some randomization code based upon the cpu clock time was introduced in order to give you a probability distribution which leans towards your primary but often can popup your secondary, ranged weapon and yes even fists sometimes. With some spectacular luck you can even end up with your javelin in the throwing position !

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