ETA please on server settings fixes???

  • i was just wondering now that u guys have done 3 patches for players

    do u think the admins can get 1? pretty please with a cherry on top and whip cream!

    there is sum stuff that seriously needs to be fixed to make the game better for regular servers and custom ones and keep this game constantly evolving and fun

    1-being able to change the spawn times/ round times
    (which should have been working when the game was released)

    2-fixing the bug with the server to client push to allow for modding, so things like damages, reach,
    reload and draw times for bows or parry times and flinch times or whatever else we might like to mod actually works

    3-motds that work would be a great idea and help every one out a ton

    4-not having to be spawned to admin/type in a server
    (this is just ridiculous, i dnt know who thought this was acceptable or a good idea)

    5-making it so admins can set the jumps stam drain amount/ or make it so it doesnt drain stam at all, u cannot even jump in a regular server anyway, so i cant see it effecting them
    (the way it is now kinda sucks for low grav servers, we should be able to jump as much as we want in low grav, and not be grounded due to no more stam)

    6-fix the buggy player meshes that make u get caught on sum one,like u cant jump if they are next to u, and u cannot land if u are jumping near them, u just get caught in the air and get stuck on them, which is horrible for fast paced low gravity gameplay

    im sure im not the only 1 wondering these things

  • I gotta agree man. You know I play on your server all the time, these things would definitely make the game better especially on your server or any server at that!

  • I totally agree this would make your modded serever a lot more fun and give other servers some cool options :D

  • I can tell you that no ETA will be given for this. It WILL happen though, it’s in the works. Trust me, as I server admin, I want it just as much as you do, but it will still be a bit before we get those options.

  • I can tell you, Kimiko, that as a player, I am starting to feel like the devs do not take this game seriously. I do not expect you to answer this, but you are a player and modder, surely you can see the endless stream of “its in the works” amidst buggy, lacking gameplay becomes tiresome.

    Respawn times, match lengths, and the other suggestions OP has are found on the crappiest of games generally. Considering the origins of this game, it seems backwards that the devs have locked these features up as they have and then keep sending you mods to respond with the answers you do. The game has potential for greatness. Heck, in the right modders hands, this game could become so many great things, but in its current state, all CMW has is potential. Otherwise, it is a slow, ploddy, melee fighter with mechanics on par or slightly worse than Skyrim’s fighting system (a melee system often regarded as broken and on-par with the melee mechanics in poor FPS games).

    I cannot state this strongly enough: this game lives and dies on the modded servers. The official servers simply do not capture the speed and brutality of combat like a modded server does.

    How can we promote the game as your threads ask us to do when it is broken, the most basic features are disabled (imagine my surprise when I found out half the trophies littering my screen will work “later on”), and the un-modded game is lacking in many areas (collision control, general speed, racist players with unadminned servers…)? I played an unmodded game last night and it was slow, ploddy, and boring. Add to that the liberal use of the ‘n’-word and antisemetic comments which was all tied up neatly with an abuse of the votekick system, and what we get is a game that cannot be recommended to anyone. How could I go to a client and when they say “Little Jimmy wants Chivalry”, recommend this to them? I would look like a fool the first time their kid couldn’t get on your servers, got called a racist remark, and then got booted, even moreso if the kid is a modder or programmer and discovers these same, basic components missing.

    It feels spread thin. TB wants us to promote it, rent servers, etc. They want to throw tournaments. They want to make videos and be professionals like Ubi or Bethesda. Well, act like it (in the good way). Just in our group alone, we have modders, programmers, guys good at screens and vids, and I’m willing to be just about all of us are decent promoters. But why should any of us help your company if all we get back is broken patches, poor support, and my personal favorite, snarky responses on this forum?

    THQ gave us all too many excuses. You can now buy their entire catalogue on Steam for 25 bucks during sales. Pass that along to your devs as they feed us more excuses.

  • 1st off, very well put brown cloud, ty my brotha for backing me up and clearifying how important these things are to admins,players and torn banners future

    ah comon Kimi, sum1 as beautifull as u should def be able to find this stuff out.

    doesnt torn banner care at all about us server admins? not fixing this stuff makes them look pretty bad, and like they just dnt give a fuck about us or their game, this stuff is so dam common its silly, and all of it shoulda been working with the release of the game.

    would be nice if we could get a, in the next patch we will fix that stuff, or maybe the patch after that.
    this just leaving us in the dark and no for sure confirmation from the devs is just a big slap in the face

    would be nice to hear a quote from the lions mouth, surely this stuff is being brought to their attention right ?

  • THQ gave us all too many excuses

    I thought THQ was forced into bankruptcy because their shareholders couldn’t stand a slight delay to ensure the games they were developing were up to the quality they wanted. It wasn’t until they announced delays that their stocks dropped to, what, half of what they were worth the day before?

    Basically, shitty greedy shareholders who want profits immediately rather than consumer satisfaction and long-term profits caused THQ to go down, (coupled with the obvious financial mismanagement that was going on, though I think they would’ve survived that if they had more patient shareholders) so in which way is Torn Banner like THQ at all?

    You talk as if Torn Banner should be making this game perfect when I haven’t seen a perfect game in years. Even Bioshock: Infinite, which I just beat, had (very few, admittedly) bugs. Far Cry 3 was littered with them, same with pretty much any title that people fawn and drool over.

    How is it that so many expect a small indie developer to have a better system for bugfixing than these giant companies with millions invested in each game?

  • Probably another month or two is my guess…

  • pls do not derail the topic here,i dont expect a better system or care what sytem they use, but these things we are talking about should be 2nd nature to any game period, and are a must to ensure good servers and longevity and evolution of a game, let alone any company that wants a future in gaming (with a respectable name for themselves) should be aware of this and make this happen!

  • @Martin:

    Probably another month or two is my guess…

    ty martin, could we get a confirmation on this from the devs, i would appreciate this, as all im trying to do is help u guys make the game better and more fun for every1 as these things seriously suck the fun right out of it for countless admins/players

  • Warsaw, even if I can find stuff out, doesn’t mean all info can be passed along to the general public. Thanks for the compliment though ;)

    And also, do you guys think TBS just sit on their bums counting their money or something? Keep in mind that for awhile, there were only 2 programmers who worked on this game… Then it went down to 1 for awhile and that’s when things really slowed down. Now they are up to 4 and getting the studio setup and coming back down after PAX and GDC. They are continuously working on this game, but they aren’t going to do it 24/7. Until the studio is setup, they are still working on everything virtually.

    The problem with giving an ETA on things is that they are human and things come up and if they don’t get this or this done by that date then the community goes in an uproar… “YOU SAID YOU’D HAVE THIS DONE BY THIS DATE!” blah blah blah. There’s a reason why dates aren’t given. They said things will get done and they will. They are working on the second patch, the mod tools and the server tools. No ETA at this time until they are ready to provide it, when they are at a comfortable position to know exactly.

    I’m sorry if you guys feel this way, but that’s how this works. Like I said, I really want those server tools like they had in Age of Chivalry. Unreal is setup a lot different than Source, so we’re not going to get everything, but we will get some of those things that are most needed.

    And also, they try to read and post here as much as possible, but if they spend all their time here reading and answering posts, they aren’t working on the game. Which would you rather have? That’s why we’re here to help. When we have our meetings, we bring in those questions and concerns that are affecting the majority of the community. Not everything gets tossed in there, but stuff like server tools is definitely one of them.

  • ty sweety, i think we just merely wanted confirmation that this stuff is gna be in the works is all hun, as it should be.

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