Health bar visible to all for kings

  • Sorry if this has already been suggested, but i was wondering if you guys would like to see a health bar on top of the screen or anywhere visible to all players during the last objective on citadel and stonehill.
    Basically it would allow the players on each team to be aware of the king health at any given time.
    If the king is low on health, attackers are more motivated to attack him, and to play the objective all together instead of being demoralized, especially at the end of the countdown.
    For the king’s allies, if he’s low, the players who are in a forward position can come back and focus on his defense.
    ATM there’s no way to know at a given time what the health status on the “boss” is, so if a player has a chance to face hug him, he can report it in the chat (if he does so) which can be easily ignored by his allies.
    It would just add some visibility to the last part and motivate the players to focus more on the objective, especially on stonehill.
    What are your thoughts on this?

  • I would be against this idea because i like the minimalistic interface of the game. I personally would even like to dont even see my own healthbar.

  • A logical idea that could improve gameplay and seems easy to implement. Oh … April 1st. 8-)

  • There’s already blood

  • @adamcel6:

    There’s already blood

    you have to face hug him to see it….

  • I’m against it as I find health bars immersion breaking. I wished they would find another way to show the status of the objectives than visible bars… Whenever I can I turn them off-

  • Seems like a good idea, but I already get annoyed enough with the giant teal KILL THIS TARGET thing, that sometimes I turn it off.
    I think it wouldn’t be that bad if it was in the leaderboard.

  • @vinch:

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Maybe the king could shout out on voice chat - “HEY IM ALMOST DEAD” for all to hear.

  • @gregcau:


    What are your thoughts on this?

    Maybe the king could shout out on voice chat - “HEY IM ALMOST DEAD” for all to hear.

    Interesting, there could be callouts for halfway and a quarter of the bar left

  • At first I thought “Yes, ofc!” but then I thought… no.

    The reason for that is because it’s quite redundant to have a health bar. You always have to protect your king and you usually try to stop an enemy advance BEFORE they reach the king. If there is a health bar and people just focus on that, the king will most likely die. Because by the time the health bar is low, you’re too late to get to the king in time.

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