Dota map and fun comp stomp maps

  • Easy comp stomp modes

    The game is tense your always on your toes. Yes that is major fun but we need modes we can eat a sandwich too :D . I suggest comp stomp servers, just a few. Comp stomp as in players vs the computer as is.

    Or like a castle full of comps, groups here in there at certain points with a king at the end, just meant for some good ol fashion comp smashing fun.

    Fun maybe competitive ai mode

    Ok secondly a map where groups of ai spawn like in the map dota and walk together towards the end target among 3 paths. But give them lower health, slower attack, lower dmg and have them push toward each objective. Put 3 towers on the path like the dota map. Put a ai archer on the top of each tower with full damage, make the tower destroyable if it takes to much damage. Then you go on to the next tower, 3 towers per path like dota. With a final town that has destroyable buildings just like dota, 2 spawn buildings per lane in town only accessible after the first 3 towers die that when destroyed increase your teams ai spawns strength for that lane. Only after towers are killed in order can you attack the next tower, then the spawn building and then the last 2 towers in the town that are guarding the building you must destroy to win.

    If you have played dota or league of legends you know exactly what I mean. Both sides have ai and players. Will it be balanced? Who knows but it would be a ton of fun and feel satisfying smashing comps at the very least. Basically ai spawn on each side at the same ime and on each path following the path to the objective killing any enemies on the way. No not like dota though to were you have to rely on them to tank or anything.

    I say one of each class random weapons for the ai each spawn. Only melee or a certain ranged distance to a tower can damage a tower. The archer in the tower can be shot but will respawn after xx seconds. When the tower is destroyed the archer respawns at the next tower objective.

    You could even take it farther and add cages with ai in it you can free that go along the path like the other ai, maybe have them guarded by “neutral” ai units off of the path.

    p.s. Is there going to be a map editor eventually I have a ton of ideas of maps I would love to make. Oh yeah and make it so ai cant do team damage.

  • I am bumping because I think none respawn ai and respawn multiplayer ai maps of some sort will be great for practice and SIGNIFICANTLY make the community less bitter. Every game does not need to be serious. A simple multiplayer us vs them castle filled with nerfed ai that do not respawn but players do with a king or something at the end would be a great for screwing around. You could even make the ai adjustable with added life for those who want a harder ai map challenge.

    Perhaps at the start of the round everyone has 20 seconds to vote on the ai difficulty.

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