Did the up and down fov get nerfed?

  • i swear it seems like the field of view for archers was nerfed in the last patch, which is ridiculous because u allready couldnt look up enough or down enough, so why is it that i look up or down less now?

    why is stuff like this even being messed with, it should have been broadened not reduced

    ive already missed a million shots because of ridic things like this. this is just plain wrong that that was nerfed, when it wasnt up to par to begin with, and now i can look up or down less, really?

    we should be able to look a full 90 degr from horrizontal up or down

    enough with the nerfs jesus, fix what needs to be fixed please and leave the rest alone

  • My FOV settings got reset. Doesn’t take long to change them.

  • not fov, im talking about how far i can look up or down, its def diff now and not enough range to shoot at sum 1 with

  • Hmm, I didn’t see any changes with that at all. I’ll have to look again, but the look up and down seemed the same to me.

  • theres my sweety, lol.
    dont you agree that theres kinda not enough up or down view, i dont see why a full 180 degr wouldnt be ok

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