The Nipple Fiddlers - |TNF| - April Fools!


    We have merged our great and powerful clans -

    The Phoenix Legion


    The I Order

    Lets face it, Chivalry is dying and the clans are starting to suck, so we have decided to merge the two best clan in Chivalry. After our domination of the EU scene we will also be creating a NA section, we can’t stop at owning the EU after all.

    All former members of [IO] and |TPL| have ‘agreed’ to join -VK-

    We provide:

    · A friendly and entertaining environment.
    · TS3 server.
    · 4 clan servers:
    o 32 player TO server x 2
    o Duel server x 2
    o 4 Private servers
    · Class specific training, to improve your dance moves and chat up lines - in-case you get challenged to a dance off
    · A clan website, to chat about your favorite holiday destinations and tips on sharpening weapons :


    Based in Europe… somewhere. We own a house with a burger bar.
    Minimum age: 6
    Active. Well, we say active but everyone knows you’ll go afk after a week.
    Good English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, French or German in a high pitched camp accent.

    Microphone for Team Speak. Alternatively, a yoghurt cup and some string works as well.
    Willing to learn
    ‘Skill’ and ‘initiative’
    Long, blond hair, blue eyes. Moustache optional.
    Able to follow orders and if you give feedback, you will be immediately shot.

    If the above sounds good, send us an application, preferably along with a picture of your nipple

    To discuss further talk to any of the below:

    |TNF| Hilarious Ransoms - Grand Council of Lesbians
    |TNF| 20k - Grand Council of Nipples
    |TNF| Dozzler - Zac Efron Double
    |TNF| Orjan Den Store - Likes Furry Porn. What.
    |TNF| Demon_Cleaner - The. The. The. What. Who even is this guy?
    |TNF| Turtwiggy - Nipple Leader of Nipples and more nipples. This guy
    |TNF| Happy - Cheerleading Squad of tight spandex
    |TNF| Stabyou.L.Jackson - We hope this guy doesn’t notice the merging of the clans.

  • What a glorious day!

  • I have high hopes for this! Fabulous!

  • Going very well so far!

  • I am SO confused.

    Dat name.

  • @Kimiko:

    I am SO confused.

    Dat name.

    I don’t find it confusing. Clearly, they play the fiddle with their nipples. Impressive.

  • Prepare to get your nipples twisted, folks!

  • @Kimiko:

    I am SO confused.

    Dat name.

    This is clearly the name of a masterfully skilled chivalry clan, what is there to be confused about?

  • oh boy here we go…

  • I am glad we merged, IO are great guys.

  • never had so many nipples in my life

  • I’m so fucking confused right now lol

    to get this right…
    I founded a clan in Age of Chivalry called NiA, and merged it with PGP(that was the moment when i joined PGP, PGP changed its name to TPL in Chivalry), then after leaving PGP/TPL, I founded IO in Chivalry (Im not the leader anymore :P) and now they merge with PGP/TPL o.O

    and i shall believe this isnt an april joke?
    if this is true this is fucking epic hahaha

  • I can believe this tomorrow, not today :D

  • I’m leaving my clan to join you guys. Right. Now.

  • Clearly this is a success because it has more posts than our original recruitment thread.

  • i am dimon i love you all , how do i change my name ? :D

  • @[EYE:

    Real N1 GG 4]i am dimon i love you all , how do i change my name ? :D

    Don’t think you can Dimon, i think you need to make a new account!

  • @savas:

    Clearly this is a success because it has more posts than our original recruitment thread.

    Sav <3

  • Oh shoot lizzie, I accidentally deleted your post, because I thought it was a duplicate, so sorry! Re-post!

    And quick everyone! Leave your clans and join this one. This one can’t be beat!

  • Haha it’s okay!

    I can vouch for these guys being expert Nipple Fiddlers!

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