Weapon stun

  • Weapon stun

    I think its necessary that their is a weapon stun for example in my case is when you are a flimsy archer with arrows that don’t do very much i think they also need a nerf is when you attack a Pole arm or 2hr with you’re sword and their mid swing they still follow threw with the attack which is COMPLETE bull shit if i was the guy getting stabed i would react and be like OW i would’nt be the hulk and smash threw it but then again its theirs Armour but some bigger 1hrs could delver this stun and long swords.
    to support my statement it said in the beginning the point is to get into peoples faces if people just spam you’re dead because 1 heavy hit vs small hits doesn’t work out. All the heavys have to do is Q then block instead of it just swishing threw like butter to block the fast attacks or they get a short stun/ But they are able to block just not attack

  • If you attack the enemy toward the beginning of their swing, it will interrupt the attack completely, but if the momentum of their attack is in full swing (pun intended), the attack will follow through regardless.

  • Secundus - re5pect for understanding that post O_O

  • The knight can get hit on purpose just to hit the man at arms.

  • It’s been talked about to death on these forums. IT won’t happen, to annoying.

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