Alternate keybindings, how to shoot arrows

  • Hi guys, I’ve been using my alternate overhead on the Left Mouse Button for a long time and I’m quite happy with it.

    I pretty much never play as an archer so I didn’t care about it too much, but I would like to know if there’s a way to still shoot arrows using the Left Mouse Button when the “primary attack” is bound to some other key.

    Is the shooting of arrows tied to the slash? How could I configure LMB to be the “Alternate Overhead” and “Shoot Arrow”?

  • You can do it by editing an ini file. Go to
    Documents/My Games/Chivalry Medieval Warfare/UDKGame/Config
    and open the UDKGame ini file. Search for LeftMouseButton, and you’ll see


    on that line. Change that to


    That sends the command to do both an alternate overhead and a slash. However the alternate overhead always goes first, so if you are using a melee weapon you will do that and not the slash, while if you have a ranged weapon that can’t do an alternate overhead (like a bow) you will just shoot normally.

    Unfortunately this doesn’t work with javelins, since they have a shield bash for an overhead. I can’t see any way to get this setup to work with them.

  • It works perfectly, thank you RushSecond!

    I was trying to change UDKInput.ini to no avail, but UDKGame.ini was the way to go.

    Regarding javelins, I noticed that if I raise my shield first, I can fire. I can live with that.

  • Actually, I found a problem. Whenever I tried to use the LMB to do an overhead in the middle of a combo I would instead slash. :(

    Anyway, it was close.

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