Best patch to date. Keep it coming.

  • All these negative posts.

    I’m very happy with this patch. Auto-queuing parry was a big issue for a lot of us players and you guys fixed it. THANK YOU. SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU. Also, the map changes are amazing. I can see the level of work done on the Tavern map and the fact that Hillside and Citadel are both now playable on a competitive level. All of us from the competitive community appreciate your hard work in this. Ask and ye shall receive as well. We wanted more space in duel maps. Moor is a great duel map and they implemented it in the duel mode! I’ve seen that a number of exploits we reported were fixed. And last but not least, a number of alt swing animations were cleaned up. I’m pretty happy right now. I hope this is an indication of things to come!

  • I agree. I haven’t noticed any of the negative things from the patch that everyone has been whining about, and overall the patch is an amazing improvement. Lots of glitches are gone, now I am no longer at a huge disadvantage for sticking with the regular attack keybinds since alt attacks are the same speed as normal ones, and everything seems smoother, especially blocking. Moor duels is amazing too, now I can finally have space in 1v1s instead of having half my dodges go straight into walls or random pillars and terrain. Tavern was an awesome implementation, I haven’t yet met anybody who can best me in fists. GJ torn banner, keep it coming!

  • Agreed. I was nearly as excited for this patch as I was for the last one. Parry and attack queuing was driving me nuts, and the amount of dane axe MAAs were getting a little ridiculous. Keep it up TB, you are doing great, and don’t let any of the whiners make you think otherwise! :D

  • SlyGoat did not lie in ReMixx’s signature.

  • The only negative from the patch is the server browser is even buggier for me, but the actual gameplay is definitely improved.

  • I haven’t had that much time to test drive the new patch, but from what I’ve seen, it’s great. Though I do agree with The Radiant. The server browser is buggier in that single servers appear multiple times in the list. Also, the servers jump around a ton more so I can’t click on one very well.

    What I would really like to see in the new server browser is an option to stop the search early if I’ve already found the server I want to join. That way they won’t keep jumping around

  • Still waiting for the one patch that doesn’t freeze my game.

  • Agreed Bada! They try to keep us interested in the game with the new features. We have to few bugs, but honestly the server browser isn’t that complicated. Also alternate server browsers are available. Have yet to try out the tavern map out, but sounds cool from what I’ve heard.

  • Agreed there, this patch fixed a lot of stuff (NAMELY SHIELDS!), which I’m very happy about tbh. I don’t quite understand why people are whining, only daggers were nerfed, of which hardly anyone used anyway, other than that it was just bug fixing.

  • this is only the pre-patch too, major balance changes coming in the next one i assume.

    for the most part this game is fine;

    now to actually fix the major game breaking bug.

  • April’s fool joke? ;)

    I totally agree, this was a great patch!

  • Fuck Tornbanner

    No Maul Launchers?

    Nerfing the vanguard achieving lift off with helicopter swings?

    Removed the rubber dildo ammo type for archer?

    Removed balloons and confetti exploding out of corpses?

    Shit patch.

  • @tornheinous:

    Still waiting for the one patch that doesn’t freeze my game.

    Make sure to run a CPU temperature monitoring program. If you get above 50C, consider that as a potential source of your trouble. UDKengine is a massive CPU hog and makes mine really bug out temperature wise.
    If so, then you need to clean your CPU fan and/or come up with a better cooling solution.

  • Fully agree with OP, the best thing for me is definitely the optimization, I rarely get below 35fps now on any map where previously I would float around 20 fps.

    Made the game a lot more enjoyable with graphics on high.

  • @bada:

    All these negative posts.

    I’m very happy with this patch. Auto-queuing parry was a big issue for a lot of us players and you guys fixed it. THANK YOU. SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU.

    Totally agree. Parry queuing made the game feel super mushy, making me do stuff I didn’t intend to do. Now I feel way more in control when I play, and the improved parry system means it’s actually possible to block MAA attacks when they facehug!

    Plus that fists only bar brawl map is hilarious.

    Looking forward to the next patch!

  • I played a few rounds of Duel mode last night, and the parry and hit registry felt absolutely spot on. I never felt like something got through that shouldn’t have. The fact that the team has addressed the face-hugging MAA’s is a huge boon to the competitive side of the game.

    Also, maybe I missed something as I haven’t played the game for a month or so up until last night, but it seemed to me that the lighting was much improved. Maybe I was seeing the SSAO, but the game looked brilliant.

    Great patch so far. I had gotten burnt out on the bad hit reg and face-hugging spammers, but this patch seems to have solved both those issues, so bravo.

  • Next patch will be even better.

  • @SlyGoat:

    Next patch will be even better.

    Maul buff?

  • @Slaughtervomit:


    Next patch will be even better.

    Maul buff?

    I’ll buff you in a minute.

    With my maul.

  • @SlyGoat:

    Next patch will be even better.

    Your lucky you have that signature.

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