Visual clipping issues

  • i have a visual issue with the character and armor;when i use a two handed weapon or any weapon my arms are floating above my head in third person and first person i see through my shoulders and arms are floating as well! no matter what settings i use it still does this !I have re installed twice now ran as administrator and verified steam cache as well as fixed smooth frame to false to help fps;this has not helped.i have screen shots but not sure how to add them!google has no answer and when i ask other players they use immaturity instead of helping me out!someone plz help or ill be forced to view this as unplayable and ask for money back! here is my computer stats so you can see im well above recommend settings
    amd FX 6100 six core processor 4.1 ghz
    8 gb memory ram
    amd radeon 6950 HD
    5878 gaming gaming graphic memory
    64 bit operating system

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