Cooperation problems.

  • Salut! Chivalry is multiplayer game. I quite sure, that developers assumed, that gamers would playing with friends, or co-op with other gamers for better achievement of the goals.(push the vagon for example.)
    But, even if players useing voice chat it’s very hard to understand who is who in game, becouse all have the same look, we can’t create squads, we can’t mark out mates, we can’t do anything, that can help us to make some teamplay. So sad. :(

    Tell us please, dear devs, how and when in would be solved?

    Some ideas, just for appearances’ sake:

    1. Squads. With different look(a little bit in background of other team). or interface look.
    2. Banners and standard-bearers.(maybe with some regen hp bonus near it)
    3. customization

    Let’s just image, how great in would be, to lead troops with banner in left hand, and sword in the right, right to the eye of battle! Wind sway tissue, warriors battle cry breaks the silence….clash…

    WIth best wishes, co-op fan, Sir_Bertran.

  • I think once objective and assist points are implemented, teamwork will be a lot stronger. People love points - proven fact :)

  • Squads would be interesting, having a different banner for each squad and wouldn’t be crazy hard to implement. Could have a total of 5 squads per team and be really comfortable if that’s something they decide to do.

  • I still wish that someday there will be castle besieging with hundreds of people playing. In the meantime the Agathian knights knight needs an outfit without red leather.

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