• So this is going to be my first PC game, and I was wondering if I download it straight to my computer, will I still be able to play with people who downloaded it from steam?

  • How will you download it outside of Steam? And yes you will be playing with Steam users if that is the case.

  • Thanks! and I was going to buy a download card from gamestop, do I put it into steam? I’m very new at this.

  • You should install Steam first. Then Activate Product within steam using the code you buy at gamestop. Don’t bother with any discs.

  • I also reccomend Steam. You can easily add your friends, play with them, and you can buy lots of games from there. Steam sales are pretty awesome too, I used them to replace some old jewels in my collection after I lost my CDs (Rome: total War, Supreme commander), those old games get really really cheap during sales.

  • Well welcome to the family Moosner!
    I hope your PC adventures are totally awesome and gloriously epic :D

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