• I hate it, what can I say. I am not complaining, though. If Tornbanner wants me to sprint like this I will adjust.

    The new sprinting allows you to press shift once, start sprinting, then stop, moving left and right, killing shit and then you automatically sprint once you start pressing the W. To me it feels like I have no control over it. I want to spring whenever I want to and stop whenever I want to.

    Is this issue bothering someone of you too? If not, I shall keep my mouth closed and adjust! I will adjust…

  • … Let go of shift?

  • @Daiyuki:

    … Let go of shift?

    You don´t understand. I have “Toggle sprint” on…

  • So you enable automation and complain about automation. Seems legit.

  • This is what toggle sprint is supposed to do. You press it once and you will always sprint without needing to hold down the sprint key, you press it again and you will not sprint. There’s no middle ground, it’s a toggle.

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