Dynamic lights screws up my fps

  • My pc specs:

    Amd Phenom II X4 965
    Ati 4780 GDDR5 1gb
    4gb Ram

    I can play the game with everything on high except for Dynamic lights at 80-90 FPS. When I turn them on, even if i lower everything else, the game runs at 45-50 fps. What could it be?

    Thank you in advance :)

  • Dynamic lights aren’t cheap. It is pretty normal probably. You can try to make up the FPS via other things like lower the detail level and what not.

  • Rest assured…
    There is absolutely no way for you as an AMD user to get steady 60 fps
    with Dynamic Lights on.


    Try that as a startup option in steam.

    It boosts the game A LOT. Reported…works 100%. Amd or Intel…regardless.

    Though dont think this ll get you the desired result.
    I got an oc ed 955 and tried everything since release…and I faced the fact that AMD lacks the juice plus the engine dislikes AMD (as it did in Red Orchestra 2 for example)

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