Leveling bug: directly to level 12 and 20.

  • Hi,
    I bought Chivalry last weekend and so far have played it for abour 5-6 hours. Got to level 3 before yesterday this happened:

    I joined a big server (i think 40 players, no special mod stuff in the name of the server) and just after my first kill two things happened instantly:
    -I got promoted to level 12 right away, instantly earning the level 5 and level 10 achievements.
    -I unlocked all the weapons of the vanguard group I was using. I was using the spear and unlocked the fork and the third one. Achievements too.

    When I looked at the players, most of them also where either lvl 0 or lvl 12 :S.

    After I left the server and while playing in other servers, even restarting the game, I still have all those unlocks.

    And today, I go into a different server, many players with different levels, and after my first kill I get promoted to lvl 20 and also unlock another 2 weapons (same group of what I was using). I have played in several servers and restarted the game a couple of times since then but I am still at level 20.

  • ya ive noticed some weird shit with ranks as well. Two people in my clan who were rank 40 are now rank 12 after the patch.

  • Same thing for me… I was level 8 and it kicks me at level 14… And right now at level 27 ! With a skill of a level, say, 10, there is indeed some kind of a problem… And alot of persons had the same problem ! Are you on a steam version ?

  • This happened to me, jumped from level 10 to 20.

    I got the achievements for levelling up, though I’m not able to choose higher tier weapons that I should be able to if I really was lv20.
    edit - oops levelling up isn’t how weapons are unlocked!

  • I’ve seen this happen to someone yesterday, they said they were level 10 and then mid game jumped to level 20.

    Of course I’ve seen weird things happen like my level goes down to 0 or everyone on the server goes to level 0 and lose all the unlocks. Then mid game I often go to level 1 and then after the map changes I’m back to my normal level.

  • Same problem here…happened yesterday on a normal TO server.
    Got level 34 up from 24. Is there any way of getting your previous level back?
    I mean i’m still not good at chivalry and it is an insult for every player above level 30. I bring them shame with my “skill” and personally I would like to level up the normal way and not get the levels stuck up my *** :D

  • Same thing happened to me. Jumped from level 26 to 31 on a dutch server. Could a dev please confirm that this problem exists and if there is a way to change it back?

  • Hello Guys. I was wondering, I just got the game yesterday and played for about 3 hours. Today, I went to play, killed one guy and went from Rank 2 to 22 in one kill. Which unlocked all 3 achievements at same time, and polearm achievements. I saw that this happened to some others, what is up with that? My steam achievements is going to look kinda funky now because of this. Has this happened to any of you guys?

  • I guess your just that awesome 8-)

    Actually I have never heard of this happening before but I am most curious as to what caused this glitch so I’ll pass it along and see what come up.

  • But there is already a thread about that in the bug forum and you didn’t notice that one :|


  • Hey Guys. This happened to me also. I was playing on a large ffa server, killed someone with a polearn and boom, rank 2 to 22. Which unlocked 5 achs as well. It kinda does suck fun out of it but you cant reset steam achs and looking that this happened in Feb, im pretty sure this glitch is not being fixed.

  • So there is :)
    I’ll be more thorough in my searching next time.
    Thanks Diego.


  • Small update:

    Today I got level 35. I hoped that the game realizes its mistake and levels me to 25 but unfortunately this didn’t happen :(
    It seems that the game gave me a huge amount of free exp for one kill or it is just a display bug.
    Hope that helps fixing this issue :)

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