Citadel Feedback

  • So we’ve had the new citadel for a week or so to play around with. How is everyone finding it?

    Played a few games of citadel. The first objective has been completely turned from a Mason lockdown bunker of doom into an Agathian steamroll. Even with, competent defenders, if you died, you would be punished by spawning behind the palisade. This is a good thing I think, I have suffered old release citadel for too long to care about Mason cry babies on that stage.

    Second objective is much, much better. We actually stalled the enemy team for quite some time once we dug in. We didn’t have much chance of defending the ground floor cages so we buckled down on the second floor cages. We guarded the front two stairways and had multiple archers plinking at the Agathian’s leaving their spawn and attempting to enter the cage complex. We tried to keep an eye on the back and side stairways and we did fairly well most of the time but it ended up forcing the Agathian’s to suicide rush the cages and whittle them down slowly.

    We never held the second objective cages but we did slow them down a lot of the time. The third stage is still pretty hard to defend properly. We once held out for a while by defending the area to the far left of Mason spawn where the choo choo train goes around the inside forge area. We held that for a while but they eventually always broke through. I like the fixed addition of the fire signals that show you which area is being attacked by Agathian’s.

    The fourth stage we held out once or twice and managed to defend the throne room doors until time ran out. This was mostly due to stalling the Agathian’s on the other stages for long enough where they weren’t left with much time to assault the throne room doors. Not taking fall damage when leaving spawn is a god send. :) Fighting on top of the rubble when the statue of Malric falls is still a bit buggy, your screen can randomly spazz out and flip itself upside down when trying to dodge on top of it and you can get stuck in multiple places. The defend the chained slaves objective is bugged in regards to Commander VO’s near the Mason spawn area. You can hear the Mason commander voice over normally, but you can also hear the Agathian Commander VO for the next stage where he’s shouting at you to attack the throne room doors. It is usually played at the same time the Mason commander VO is saying something as well so it can’t be quite difficult to hear who is saying what. Not to mention quite grim if you can already hear the next stage commander shouting, as if it’s a sign of things to come. :P

    Every time the king defence came about on the final stage we still never held out but having the Agathian’s spawn downstairs certainly gave a little bit of breathing room for the King to crouch and regen. The throne room itself is still horrible to defend properly and I still believe that some stairways should be removed entirely.

    Question for the dev’s: Do you have records or statistics for win/loss ratio on maps? Is it possible to compare win rate per faction before and after the recent update?

  • I agree the second objective is much more balanced. I never have seen it get to the point where time almost ran out and it almost did until I was able to sneak around and get that last cage in the upper middle when they weren’t looking whew

  • I only played one game of citadel since the path an we still managed to keep the agathians away from the ballistas and won on the first objective.

    Though this meant that the agathians thought that the patch changed nothing.

  • The last part still seems too easy, I have yet to see a team defend Malric. Compared to Stoneshill where most of the time I see the King running out to fight because of sheer boredom.

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