Awesome Community

  • No I mean terrible community.

    So I’m playing on official TO, I accidentally shoots a few people with archer throughout a round, and this gentleman called Terrorsaurus is particularly angry at me for shooting him. And for some reason, there are two other players hatin’.

    They keep trying to votekick me but the vote fails because the Team Damage is only at 20%. Throughout the round and the next one, this player is adamant that he teamkills me every time. I let him tk me about six times in a row, then call a votekick against him. And of course team damage is at 68% so everyone is voting yes. He says he only teamkilled me twice which wasn’t true at all.

    I’m happy with him leaving and then I’m ready to enjoy the game, but because I haven’t focus on the game, I forget that I was trasferred to Agatha. So I’m fighting and I see an Agathian player so I kill him. Then I realize I made a teamkill. The person I happened to kill was ReMixx the moderator, who also has been teamkilling by accident throughout the previous round. I was immediately kicked out of the server 2 seconds later without given enough time to even say ‘sry’.

    Everyone including the moderator was on hate mode today for some reason.

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